Monday, March 21, 2016


I decided to be updating from my phone now, because waiting for a chance to use my laptop when my muse decides to visit me unexpectedly, makes me forget what 'she' told me. So I am apologizing ahead for any error you come across.

I just came back from work this morning, I ought to be sleeping but cannot because my baby is awake, watching his cartoon.  The  thought of spending about $1k monthly for day care while I work during the day is not appealing at all. When I showed a friend the brochure and quotation from the daycare, she was surprised because in the city she lives she spends about $700 monthly. Ok, lemme stop here for today, feeling sleepy.

HOLA! I 'm on  my break and decided to drop in some lines before it is over. Talking of break, in my former place of work, the Nigerian guy that I used to work with advised me that I should never come back a minute late after my 30 mins break because I did so few times and he said I 'm being watched especially since we work at night and someday it might be used against me! To tell you I was shocked was an understatement! But what of the early minutes I do come in before my shift? That was when I learnt that, there is nothing like being are either on time or late, PERIOD!  What of the days I didn't go for my breaks? I also learnt that you MUST go, or it is your cup of tea! I now understood why other co-workers who came early don't do anything until the exact time! So, when I resumed in my new place of work 3 weeks ago, I make sure I leave the break room 3 minutes earlier! I NO FIT SHOUT ABEGY! Talking of time...gat to go!

I was waiting for 11 pm to knock sharply before I scan my ID, when one of the departmental head passed and asked a lady who was waiting to sign out from her shift, (since it was 10.54pm, she has to wait or else it will be recorded as incomplete shift! She could sign out by 10.59 pm but not 10.58 pm! You see the wahala for there? ) 'if she was waiting to close?'  'Yes', she replied, while I sipped my coffee watching what was about to go down. Why? It is 10.55 pm! She began to stutter and said she was through with her work. 'Then sign out', he said looking at her! It was 10.56pm! She hesitated a bit, tried to buy time talking, but he stood there watching her,  that she had no choice than to sign out  by 10.57pm! SEE GOBE! Then he walked away! 


She was livid and walked to the night manager who was in the opposite room, I heard her explaining what happened.  The night manager said there was nothing she could do about it!  This was the same thing she told me last week when I explained my error in signing out an hour earlier because of the  spring time change! By 2 AM that day, my phone automatically adjusted one hour ahead to welcome spring. So when my alarm went off, I closed! Only to be told I ought to have waited an hour more, that the computer guy was yet to resume that morning to adjust the time. That was how I worked 39 hours instead of 40 that week! I didn't know, abi JJC!  By 10.59pm, I scanned my ID and started my shift! This reminded me of my first week in my first place of work. I worked throughout without my break one day, when I finished 25minutes before closing, I decided to use that as my break and close. Can you believe the morning manager signed me out? I was very angry! I went to report to the head of department, but nothing came out of it! mschew!

So my people, when I say you work for every dime you make...I did not mean it literally! 

P s. There is a difference between salary and hourly pay. Salary is a fixed amount just as we have back home and is either paid monthly or bi-weekly. Salary earners don't get paid overtime like hourly workers.

Well, my guys, that's it! Until next time, have a blessed week :D