Friday, February 26, 2016


Hiii, everyone, I am yet to think of a title for this post but just go with me as I talk or is it speak sef? Any- 'hows', it's being a while ... eku meta and  weekend o. So much has happened this month. I had so many blog posts drafted in ... my head! Now, time to pour it out ... NOTHING! HEY! DON'T CLICK OUT YET! They are all muddled somewhere in my head ... searching and throwing stuff around ... about my former manager? NAY! #Annoying! Flings to a corner# ... searching ... about my new job? NAY! #keeps aside for later# ... still searching ... my opinion about the trendy news? HMM...NAY! #Sta-Ie, throws into the garbage# ... digging deeper ... pulls out V-logs ... YES! This is it!! #going to the top to write the title#.


SO! A blogger friend asked me if I have thought of venturing into video-blogging ... I replied NEVER! My tone of response made her laughed.  We are advised never to say NEVER in anything, because nobody knows tomorrow ... very true. But, I am not doing it sha! Abeg, I am not a make-up person, so I don't want to give  my viewers 'night-mare' after seeing my face and I no sabi speak phon-ey, I be correct 9ja pikin, with strong edo accent, and my pidgin is on another level, so only a few will understand my words and slangs, and I am certainly not a punish-er to subject readers to that  kind of verbal torture! AHAHAHHAA.

Ok! Ok! Jokes apart, V-LOGS have been there before I came into blogging, but it was few ...  but now ... e -BREKETE! Truth be told, I never watched them when in Nigeria because network was very slow, I have to wait for the video to play slowly first, before I will replay it. It is time consuming and if I was using generator, my fuel is burning away every second, if it was NEPA -now-you-see-it- and-now-you-don't- see-it-light, I will be wasting precious minutes, when I ought to be reading blogs and commenting. (NEPA sounds 'sweeter' than PHCN jor ... what is the new name for the private companies?) Today, technology has advanced ... buying internet subscriptions in phones in Nigeria is not cheap, hence, many manage and conserve their MB well! And since my highest audience is from Nigeria (from my stats), many will not be able to view the v-log, and me, I no get credit to dash because I don't make a dime from my blog.

The ever constant thing is change itself. I won't be surprised that, as technology advances, many will be going into v-logging because readers can quickly connect with the blogger  and message easily understood from the tone of the voice and facial expressions, and viewers can multi-task while listening. I watch more v-logs since relocating because the stream-lining is everything to write home about! But, I am yet to be  a fan of it ... some are not themselves because they are self conscious, which is understable ... e no ezzz to be a producer, director and actor roll in one! AHHAAA. Shout out to all v-loggers, unah dey tryyy.

p.s My pessimitic mind is asking me that, if tomorrow, there is annocement that no more blog-writing, everybody must blog through video, wetin I go do? 

My reply: HIAA!  My 'enemies' are at work ke! 'They' shall not succeed o! 'Dem' for kukuma tell me say, make I go siddon, e don do! Which one be this kain Ultimatum fa? AHAHAHAHA. See you later guys!