Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Good morning my guys,

You know how our pipo can send their child to one brother or sister like that to either spend holiday or  stay or school from there abi? It does not matter if it is in 9ja or obodo oyibo. So it happens this young adult came to stay with a family friend of his father's for his studies. Instead of him to be reading seriously like his counterparts, he was just flexing The family friend tried talking to him to calm down and read his books. WHO-SAI! One day, the family friend could not take it any longer, and rebuked this young adult severely, and a quarrel ensued! What he did next, took everyone by surprise HE CALLED THE COPS! And trust the cops to do their jobs thoroughly! Immediately the issue was resolved with the cops, he called the parents of the young adult to come and get him out of his house kia! Kia! The father flew down asap, and was calling everybody he knew here, who will take his son in.

Just IMAGINE! A man that never had trouble with the law, only for one spoilt brat to get  his name into their records. You see why sometimes Nigerians in diaspora do not open their hands to guests?  Just think, If the host was not properly documented, he might have been deported! All because of his kindness! So don't get offended when one brother or sister or family friend of yours refuses to welcome you in their home, they simply don't want trouble!

You know, this addresses the issue of freedom! The American society so much empowers children and women more than men. Which is  very good , because the law protects them. But some misuse this right! Nigerians coming from a society where children and women are only to be 'seen' and 'not heard', to a society where they are given the boldness to spread their wings to fly high and anywhere they want to go, some lose control! Nigerian women are mostly at fault. We should know where to draw the line. Can that young adult try that nonsense in Nigeria? Will police even answer him? They will  even join the father to rebuke him severely! That was how a wife divorced her husband after one year of coming to join him, and married their oyibo neighbour living directly opposite them! She no even cross street to marry sef! Imagine the shock wave that went through the Nigerian community!

Ok! My guys, thats all for today. Next time I will tell you why diasporas are called 'liars' by people back home.