Tuesday, January 05, 2016


My people, I throwaway salute to unah! Me-hn! I woke up with a sudden urge to drink ijebu garri and groundnut. Immediately my kids went to school, I downloaded it on the table and dug into it like I have not eaten for days! Hubby was surprised, when he came out of the bedroom and saw me; 'Ha-ha! What's happening?' 'Na so we see am o! I replied. 'Abi e don enter?' He asked. 'NATHING FOR YOU!' I snapped at him, while shoving a spoonful of garri and epa into my mouth. 'AHAHHAHA! Are you sure? Wo! Mr man, your plan will not work this time around! Haba! I am 42 this year! So you want me to still dey push am? What is this sudden baby blues again EHN? So, while we had one-on-the-road-before he left for work, he tried to play a smart move on me! WHO-SAI! So, baby number 6, loading....NOT!  It ain't gonna happen, bros!

Nothing like garri and epa

Hmm, remember, I told you guys I was going for family planning few weeks after giving birth? My insurance did not cover it! I will have to pay $1k out of my pocket for doctor's visits and the procedure! Believe me, when I say we were very 'rich' that period! So we got another insurance, only to find out it also does not cover family planning! While was it not clearly spelt out when we were buying it! I have gotten the 3rd one and this time, I ask well-well o! So unfailingly this year, it is getting done!

SHU-O! Make unah helep see this my oga o! I  am still struggling with our 5th child, if not for the assistance from  my older kids, it won't have been funny ke! Talking of struggling, do you know I am yet to potty train this boy?! I tire for myself o! His pediatrician said I can wait until he is 3 before I train him, since he is not ready. 3 KE?! This boy, will sit astride the potty, stand up, carry the empty potty into my room or use it as a car! He will be running butt-naked! If not that the floors in our new home are rugged, I will gladly let him have a field day, nah only mop, I go mop tire! Imagine we-wee and poo-poo on rug? The stench will be on another level! I am dealing with water, beverage and milk  spills already! Why he own come different ehn? #Laziness on my part or last born things?#

potty in hallway

HMM! My hubby, tried to 'toast'  our kids during Christmas. He asked them; 'how will they like a little sister for gift?' See as all my kids hala, N-000, daddy! Nah so, I scatter laugh for inside bedroom where I dey! That was how our kids downloaded all the 'naughtiness' their baby brother was doing to them! He tried to bribe them with whatever they wanted for Christmas, MBANU! They refused to fall for that gimmick! Haba! They are pre-teens nah! *Side-eyes to my hubby*. 

So, my guys, that is how my 2016 started o. How did yours began?