Monday, January 11, 2016


My guys,  AWOOF don land oo! The anticipation  and excitement is electrifying! Have you guessed it already? It is t-a-x-r-e-f-u-n-d!

After spending a lot for thanksgiving, Christmas and New year, many are broke! So what a sweet relieve to get money returned in taxes! Shops will have tempting deals that some will go into a shopping frenzy, and go back to square one! Some will save it for rainy days, or use it to complete projects or invests it. Some Nigerians  will go back home to complete their houses, invest in business, have their wedding or visit their families or some just use it to flex, especially with the current exchange rate, it will be a 'kill!'  ...... and this is how wrong impression is given that $$$ indeed grows on trees! 

It took me a while to understand tax refund; Obviously, the higher your income, the higher your tax. The same way, someone with less number of dependents  with high income, will pay money back to the government, because the person has more than enough. While the person with more number of dependents with low income, the government will refund his taxes to him, because he has too much brukata!  Without being told, you can draw your own conclusion on the multiplying effects it has. Any high income earner, that refused paying back to the Government is jailed!  And you must file for your tax every year, as long as you worked, even if you earned $100 that whole year! I am fantasying right now that, if  we had this system in Nigeria, maybe this insatiable greed-demon in some people will  be exorcised!  Well, if wishes were horses...

A close relative who has been living here for 2 decades, called, to advice me, to be careful, because as a JJC (Johnny Just Come) then, some people will want to take advantage of us or tell us mago mago way of doing it to get more money. We should ignore them, and ,simply follow the rules and get our money jejely! Because, anybody that thinks he or she is smarter than the Government, when caught, the person will vomit everything he 'ate' to the last nickel, or jailed!  When we told few who asked us how much we got the first year, they said,  we probably did not do it well, it was too small, especially for a large family like us!  We thanked them, and said we were satisfied! Why should I do long throat for awoof? Abeg,awuff dey purge belle o! The stories I hear concerning this tax return issue E-HN! No be small thing o! Money brings out the true colour in people.

P.s Next time, I will talk about our Nigerian brothers who travel back home to get married. Until then, have a less stressful week.