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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Good morning my guys,

You know how our pipo can send their child to one brother or sister like that to either spend holiday or  stay or school from there abi? It does not matter if it is in 9ja or obodo oyibo. So it happens this young adult came to stay with a family friend of his father's for his studies. Instead of him to be reading seriously like his counterparts, he was just flexing The family friend tried talking to him to calm down and read his books. WHO-SAI! One day, the family friend could not take it any longer, and rebuked this young adult severely, and a quarrel ensued! What he did next, took everyone by surprise HE CALLED THE COPS! And trust the cops to do their jobs thoroughly! Immediately the issue was resolved with the cops, he called the parents of the young adult to come and get him out of his house kia! Kia! The father flew down asap, and was calling everybody he knew here, who will take his son in.

Just IMAGINE! A man that never had trouble with the law, only for one spoilt brat to get  his name into their records. You see why sometimes Nigerians in diaspora do not open their hands to guests?  Just think, If the host was not properly documented, he might have been deported! All because of his kindness! So don't get offended when one brother or sister or family friend of yours refuses to welcome you in their home, they simply don't want trouble!

You know, this addresses the issue of freedom! The American society so much empowers children and women more than men. Which is  very good , because the law protects them. But some misuse this right! Nigerians coming from a society where children and women are only to be 'seen' and 'not heard', to a society where they are given the boldness to spread their wings to fly high and anywhere they want to go, some lose control! Nigerian women are mostly at fault. We should know where to draw the line. Can that young adult try that nonsense in Nigeria? Will police even answer him? They will  even join the father to rebuke him severely! That was how a wife divorced her husband after one year of coming to join him, and married their oyibo neighbour living directly opposite them! She no even cross street to marry sef! Imagine the shock wave that went through the Nigerian community!

Ok! My guys, thats all for today. Next time I will tell you why diasporas are called 'liars' by people back home.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Unah doh oo, my people. Remember in my last post I said I will talk about 9ja guys that travel back home to marry,chei? Ok! My co-Nigerian worker traveled 2 weeks ago to get married. I was aware when he was making the arrangement on the phone, since we work at night, it was very convenient for him. 

When I was in Nigeria, and saw our 'brothers' coming to marry, and claiming that the Nigerian ladies in obodo oyibo 'don tear eye finish!' They say all sort, that, the picture they paint in ones head is not attractive at all! Since I arrived here four years ago, I can boldly tell you guys that, it is all hogwash!!!! It is like how some men say, Lagos girls don spoil finish and travel to the village to marry. But we that live in Lagos, knows that, it is not true! Just as there are 'opios'  there are equally decent ladies. Same applies here, 'werey' girls dey and responsible ones also dey! It all depends on the guy's lifestyle and personality! SHIKENAH!

So, as I was saying o jare, I asked him why choose a bride from Nigeria, when there are many Nigerian babes here who already knows how the system works? Or  go for a matured lady who will not give birth again? I told him, any lady that will accept his proposal back home with his baggages, is doing it for solely one reason, which I believe he knows! Because one of the ladies that agreed to his proposal is working in a very good company that her income is something to whistle about! He later borrowed himself sense and didn't purse the proposal further. He later got another lady in his village, who is in her late 20's and he is right there  doing the needful.

He replied that, the Nigeria ladies here are fiercely independent, so he will have little control over them. And since his job is only night, she will be doing day, there will be no time to bond well. Also, he wants to have a 'root' back home because he plans relocating in future. Most importantly, he wants a faithful wife because his ex-foreign wife cheated on him several times, before he divorced her.

WOW! I exclaimed! The typical average-self-center- Nigerian man  thinking! CONTROL! I laughed and asked him, 'So, the new wife nah ears nah no go grow again ba? Abi she won't later learn how things are done here? 'Ehen, before she will become exposed to the way of life here, I would have had more control over our marriage, and she is not coming over immediately,' he replied.  And you want to have your own Nigerian children  since your mixed children will not  follow you to Nigeria abi? (I kept that thought to myself}. And what assurance do you have that she will be faithful to you? Afterall, you will be visiting her once or twice a year. He shrugged and said she won't. SERIOUSLLY??? HAS THIS GUY BEING LIVING UNDER THE STONE??? (This thought, I kept to myself again!) And will you be faithful to her? He grinned. I see! The Nigerian ladies here are good for satisfying your lust, but not for marriage! (Another personal thought.)

The real truth is that many Nigerian ladies living here, avoid Nigerian men with baggages, because they know, he will be paying child support depending on his income and they might end up spending more of their income in the home. And some exes don't always remain ex, with the excuse of visitation rights, they can have a quiet affair and she might be asking for financial help from him to either pay rent or buy groceries or pay bills, which he cannot refuse because his kids are living with her. The wives from Nigeria, will come over and find out that the man's financial status was just a smoke screen and she is like a 'prisoner' in her matrimonial home! Her attitude will change, there will be constant quarrel and another divorce or death will happen! A Nigerian wife relocated to meet her new hubby, was shocked to see he was a cab driver! She felt insulted! Because he 'baffed' her with money whenever he visited. She finished her Nursing school, got a job,  and divorced him, after making his life hellish!

My suggestion is that, if you don't have a fiancee in Nigeria before relocating, marry the Nigerian ladies abroad! There are both good and bad women, as there are bad and good men! It depends on each party involved! We attended a wedding between a Nigerian and Ghanaian in 2014, they celebrated the birth of their daughter in 2015. A divorced elderly Nigerian man wanted a wife badly, someone suggested getting him one from Nigeria, he declined, that he dId not have the time, strength and money for the process, he was introduced to a lady in another city, she relocated to meet him and they are married.

P.S .It is because our Nigerian men don't marry our women here, some travel back to  Nigeria to look for husbands! And as expected, the men marry them for the obvious reasons, get here and wahala will start, because he wants control as THE MAN OF THE HOUSE! #yimu!#! But the wife will resist, and we know the rest abi? SIGH!

Okay guys, that is my thought on marriages abroad, next week, I will tell you what a guest did to his host! Bye-bye. Have an enjoyable weekend. 

p.s.s. As I was sourcing for image to use, I came across this interview on Nigeria marriages abroad. It said it all.,29653.0.html

Monday, January 11, 2016


My guys,  AWOOF don land oo! The anticipation  and excitement is electrifying! Have you guessed it already? It is t-a-x-r-e-f-u-n-d!

After spending a lot for thanksgiving, Christmas and New year, many are broke! So what a sweet relieve to get money returned in taxes! Shops will have tempting deals that some will go into a shopping frenzy, and go back to square one! Some will save it for rainy days, or use it to complete projects or invests it. Some Nigerians  will go back home to complete their houses, invest in business, have their wedding or visit their families or some just use it to flex, especially with the current exchange rate, it will be a 'kill!'  ...... and this is how wrong impression is given that $$$ indeed grows on trees! 

It took me a while to understand tax refund; Obviously, the higher your income, the higher your tax. The same way, someone with less number of dependents  with high income, will pay money back to the government, because the person has more than enough. While the person with more number of dependents with low income, the government will refund his taxes to him, because he has too much brukata!  Without being told, you can draw your own conclusion on the multiplying effects it has. Any high income earner, that refused paying back to the Government is jailed!  And you must file for your tax every year, as long as you worked, even if you earned $100 that whole year! I am fantasying right now that, if  we had this system in Nigeria, maybe this insatiable greed-demon in some people will  be exorcised!  Well, if wishes were horses...

A close relative who has been living here for 2 decades, called, to advice me, to be careful, because as a JJC (Johnny Just Come) then, some people will want to take advantage of us or tell us mago mago way of doing it to get more money. We should ignore them, and ,simply follow the rules and get our money jejely! Because, anybody that thinks he or she is smarter than the Government, when caught, the person will vomit everything he 'ate' to the last nickel, or jailed!  When we told few who asked us how much we got the first year, they said,  we probably did not do it well, it was too small, especially for a large family like us!  We thanked them, and said we were satisfied! Why should I do long throat for awoof? Abeg,awuff dey purge belle o! The stories I hear concerning this tax return issue E-HN! No be small thing o! Money brings out the true colour in people.

P.s Next time, I will talk about our Nigerian brothers who travel back home to get married. Until then, have a less stressful week.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


My people, I throwaway salute to unah! Me-hn! I woke up with a sudden urge to drink ijebu garri and groundnut. Immediately my kids went to school, I downloaded it on the table and dug into it like I have not eaten for days! Hubby was surprised, when he came out of the bedroom and saw me; 'Ha-ha! What's happening?' 'Na so we see am o! I replied. 'Abi e don enter?' He asked. 'NATHING FOR YOU!' I snapped at him, while shoving a spoonful of garri and epa into my mouth. 'AHAHHAHA! Are you sure? Wo! Mr man, your plan will not work this time around! Haba! I am 42 this year! So you want me to still dey push am? What is this sudden baby blues again EHN? So, while we had one-on-the-road-before he left for work, he tried to play a smart move on me! WHO-SAI! So, baby number 6, loading....NOT!  It ain't gonna happen, bros!

Nothing like garri and epa

Hmm, remember, I told you guys I was going for family planning few weeks after giving birth? My insurance did not cover it! I will have to pay $1k out of my pocket for doctor's visits and the procedure! Believe me, when I say we were very 'rich' that period! So we got another insurance, only to find out it also does not cover family planning! While was it not clearly spelt out when we were buying it! I have gotten the 3rd one and this time, I ask well-well o! So unfailingly this year, it is getting done!

SHU-O! Make unah helep see this my oga o! I  am still struggling with our 5th child, if not for the assistance from  my older kids, it won't have been funny ke! Talking of struggling, do you know I am yet to potty train this boy?! I tire for myself o! His pediatrician said I can wait until he is 3 before I train him, since he is not ready. 3 KE?! This boy, will sit astride the potty, stand up, carry the empty potty into my room or use it as a car! He will be running butt-naked! If not that the floors in our new home are rugged, I will gladly let him have a field day, nah only mop, I go mop tire! Imagine we-wee and poo-poo on rug? The stench will be on another level! I am dealing with water, beverage and milk  spills already! Why he own come different ehn? #Laziness on my part or last born things?#

potty in hallway

HMM! My hubby, tried to 'toast'  our kids during Christmas. He asked them; 'how will they like a little sister for gift?' See as all my kids hala, N-000, daddy! Nah so, I scatter laugh for inside bedroom where I dey! That was how our kids downloaded all the 'naughtiness' their baby brother was doing to them! He tried to bribe them with whatever they wanted for Christmas, MBANU! They refused to fall for that gimmick! Haba! They are pre-teens nah! *Side-eyes to my hubby*. 

So, my guys, that is how my 2016 started o. How did yours began?

Saturday, January 02, 2016


Thank you LORD for letting me see another year, as I add a year to my age and blog, I give you all the glory. 

My people,  HAPPY NEW YEAR OOO!!!! 

The testimony in my mouth is too full, that I don't know where to start from! Please, just join me to praise the Creator of heavens and earth!

I am not the new-year-resolution type of person, so I have none to make, I am simply improving  more on my good traits like my honesty and working on my bad traits like my anger, everyday.

Let me use this opportunity to thank everyone that visits my blog. Please, I want suggestions from readers on what you really want me to write about or any questions you want me to address. Sometimes, I delete drafts because, I wonder if people really want to know about it.

Much appreciated.