Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Na wa! So December don reach nah-nah? Hmm, happy new month o!  Christmas is around the bend. I see beautiful Christmas decorations in my neighbourhood which comes alight at night, but fear no let me snap and put in my blog o, because I don't know if it is legal or  get sued! E no dey hard them at all to file complaint! If not, I will have delighted your eyes with aww-pictures. That reminds  of a Judge Judy episode, where she called a plaintiff an idiot for suing her friend whose daughter drove her car and died on the spot when the car flipped over. Yes! Some people just dey kolo, I swear!

Now! To the topic at hand! I want to talk about mis-communication. I found myself in the middle of a brouhaha that was going on in my department o! Being the new kid in the 'block, 'everybody wanted to play 'boss' with me! No problemo! I simply did my best until yesterday, when I eventually met my manager on one-to-one and bared my mind to him. He apologized for all the ish that was going on and told me who I should solely obey, and I can call him on his personal number if I have a complaint. I felt happy. You see, due to lack of communication between my manager and I, a particular employee was using it to her advantage, saying the 'manager left  so and so instruction down! I work only at nights, while the manger comes in after I have left but yesterday was the end of the month, he has to prepare his report, so he worked at night.

Mis-communication has caused rift in families, between friends, and even amongst bloggers! If only important info is passed out, questions  asked and discussion made, so much grudges and anger will be averted! Gaps makes us use assumptions as fillings. Communication does not mean doing amebo  or gossiping o! The key word is 'important info', to enable people to analyze, work with and have a direction or closure. 

Happy new month to y'all!