Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Watching as a woman profusely thanked someone for given her some money, regardless that she has more than that, made me curious to ask her why so much gratitude? She explained to me that, it is not easy for people to part away with their hard-earned cash, no matter how little it is, and it is good to show gratitude. It is just how the scriptures describes it; He that is faithful in little, will be faithful in much. This appreciative attitude I developed as I grew up.

Believe me when I say, it has opened doors for me! People have blessed me, and I sincerely appreciated it. Some will say, leave it unto GOD, your reward is in heaven, it matters not if the person was thankful , you have done your part as a kind person. But, didn't Christ asked how many lepers came back to thank Him, after healing them? It is like the Yoruba adage that says, if you thank someone at night for  the little he or she did for you, she will do a bigger one in the morning.

Hence, I am forever grateful to my creator and confidante, Jehovah. Thank you to everyone who visits my blog. And to people who have been there for me , you are  appreciated from the depth of my being. This is my 4th thanksgiving celebration in the land of the brave and liberty.


p.s. Preparing my turkey tomorrow. It's gonna be a full house on Thursday!