Thursday, November 19, 2015


A friend from 9ja, gave us chocomilo, tomtom, black smoked fish(es) , groundnut and garri. ME-HN! I thanked her so much ehen! My kids took the chocomilo, my hubby the tomtom because of his cold, while I just finished using the black fish to cook correct ogbono soup that is ta-sun-sun (say it in baba suwe's voice} in the whole house. She brought the right gift for everybody. She is a seasoned traveler, so she knows whatsup!

Talking about giving, are all givings sensible? This is because, I have heard, someone call another a fool for helping! Are all givings appreciated? This is because I have seen a woman use clothes given to her baby for rags! Are all givings blessed by GOD? This is because, I have read where a banker stole from his place of work to give to the church! Experience has taught me that the best gifts that can never go wrong  amongst my Nigerian pipo is money and foodstuff! 

Yes o! Everybody likes money ke! Abi you don't? And everybody must eat! Again, our superstitious mind and  the confessions we have heard from the mouths of evil people, makes us wary of gifts! Hence, many gifts find their way into the garbage and some people don't give! I know of an extended family whose cousin put the money given to her, under a rock in the spiritual  realm instead of spending it on goodies like the other children, and the family suffered untold hardship until, after much prayers, she confessed. That is why  some people prefer paying money into one's account or give  a gift card, rather than cash in hand.

Nevertheless, giving is a beautiful and joyful thing because, the hand of the giver is always on top and GOD always blesses a sincere giving heart. Give as you are led by GOD and  which you can afford

*ta-sun-sun (sweet aroma/ smells so good)