Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hubby and I were about to drive out when we saw a Nigerian woman walked by, she was wearing ankara gown. We greeted her and introduced ourselves. She came to do omogwu for her son whose wife gave birth. She always took a walk in the mornings because she needs the exercise and tired of being indoors all day. We exchanged address and that is it o!

They live behind our street, and we have not gone to see them, none have I seen her pass since a month ago! Why this reluctance by we Nigerians to meet each other in a foreign land? There is this fear or uncertainty in us! Maybe she didn't tell them or she did and they told her they were not interested. I admire the Hispanics and Indians o. They have a connected community. 

From my past experience with Nigerians, I don't blame them or myself o jare! Once bitten, twice shy abeg! I have made friends in my neighbourhood. I was surprised at the cheerful greetings of one particular neighbour, whenever I escorted my daughter to wait for her school bus and walked my sons home when the school bus drop them off in the afternoons. Initially, I was aloof because It was strange to me to see a friendly neighbour! Since, the bus stop was in front of her house, we met a lot and started chatting, then we became friends. We visit each other and she introduced me to 3 other neighbours ... we only wave a greetings to each other. Wait o! Did I tell you guys, it was my first time to see a house-husband? I will gist you another day.

Ok! bye-bye!