Tuesday, October 06, 2015


One of the things I like about my kids new school is the numerous home work they are given to do inside their laptops, except my son who is in 2nd grade. Before I print my eldest daughter's English essay every week, I always read it because the topics are very interesting. Infact, few days ago, I just finished reading one of her literature books she had assignment on. A very touching story written in 1954 by Kamala Markandaya, called 'Nectar in a Sieve.' 

Her essay of three weeks ago, really intrigued me. It was titled; 'The irony of the three questions' written by Leo Tolstoy. It was  short story about the three questions a king asked his wise men and he could not get a satisfactory answer and decided to seek out an old hermit that lived in the mountains. He got the answers to his three questions through his own actions without the hermit telling him the answers.

His questions were; 
1} If he always knew the right time to begin everything?
2} If he knew who were the right people to listen to and whom to avoid?
3} If he always knew what was the important thing to do?
As simple as these questions looked, the answers are not. We would all come out with different answers just as the king's three wise men did, and he disagreed with them. 

He eventually got the answer to his first question by helping the hermit who was working on his garden without being asked to, regardless of his status as a king, though he disguised himself. He saw a wounded man, emerged from the bushes, he helped him to bandage his wounds and told his personal physician to attend to him, he later found out the wounded man was a brother to his enemy whom he ordered to be executed, he forgave him and restored the family wealth to him, which answered his third question. Then the hermit told him, he has shown kindness and forgiveness, which answered his questions. Oh wait! It remained the second question right? By now you must have guessed the answer to it ... him going to seek out the hermit in the first place!

So my dear readers, what are your own answers to these three questions?