Tuesday, October 20, 2015


For those who read my old blog, I used the word 'razz' to described myself, that some ,if not many, took it to heart, that one 'classy commenter' , used it to cuss me out when she disagreed with me on a post. For few, if not some, knew, I was being sarcastic! Because, I am a down-to-earth-person ... wait o, I once read that it is only poor people that are down to earth ...  and it amuses me to see some people trying so hard to present a different image for the public, by forming or acting effizzzzy! One commenter once said, it was all about packaging! Issorit!

I have lived in Nigeria for over 3 decades and have related with both the rich and poor, uneducated and educated, as neighbours, friends or clients, and I put it to you all, that, ALL HUMANS are the same, especially, when faced with the same situation, ONLY THE ENVIRONMENT that we grew up in makes us different! Do you guys understand what I am saying? If you don't, have you watched Eddie Murphy old movie, Trading places?' For those who might not have watched it, let me summarize it quickly; Two millionaires decided to bet on a game with $1:00; They made their rich stock broker to live the life of a poor beggar and vice versa, and each became the other person! Which made the millionaires to conclude that, it is the environment that shapes one's character! Since we do not choose which environment to be born into, we should respect other people way of living.

The word 'Razz' is a derogatory word coined by Nigerians to describe people who are not educated or not exposed or not trendy, or not 'tush' or not rich or grew up in certain poor areas or cannot get the expected media- looks through make-up, or look too African, or if you get into a fight or quarrel or say foul words! Some people who don't want to use the word 'Razz' itself, because they believe it is 'Razzy' {I coined it'} to do that, use the word 'Local' instead! And this is what I want to correct! LOCAL IS NOT RAZZ! I remember years back when a celebrity visited and she mentioned that a 'local girl' showed her around' ME-HN! BLOGSVILLE CRASHED WITH COMMENTS CALLING FOR HER LIMBS! Some commenters tried to explain that local was not a derogatory word, rather it was a term simply used to describe anyone who grew up in a particular town and knows the area at the back of her hand! WHO-SAI! They refused to listen o!

If you think local is an insulting word, why then do you say you are from so-so and so local government area? Abi, don't we fill that in many forms or state it in our resumes? I put it to you all that, people that go about calling others razz, are the ones that have inferiority complex issues with themselves! If the 'razz' people are given the same privilege as you have, believe me, they will turn out better than your 'tush' self! I know! Many atimes, it is said that money can never buy class? LIKE SERIOUSLY? WAIT O! What is class it self? Is it not the luxuries money can buy and the 'yanga' attitude that joins it? You think, the tomatoes seller you see on the roadside today, cannot become 'classy' if places are swapped? Everybody's shit stinks! Whether you eat food from a golden plate, with golden cutleries, or drink water from a golden goblet, you will not shit gold! It is still maggots that will eat all corpses in 6ft graves, whether in a diamond crusted or plain wood coffin!

My purpose for this long ranting post, is to tell people to STOP all these their yeye efizzy / fake lives they are living both in and outside the virtual world! You are doing more harm than good to yourself! Sometimes, they lose a helping hand or an important info because they have portrayed a larger-than-you-image!

Thank you for reading. Have a nice week ahead.