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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hey! Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you will be left with the towel hanging? .... NO? Well I have! Several times! My fierce loyalty to friends, always left me being the enemy!

I experienced it in school, in my neighbourhood and in blogsville. I won't bore you all with the details, I simply messed up big time! Hence, I withdrew into my shell. It is not you, but me. Cheesy cliche right? I don't know how to hide my heart since it is always on my sleeve, but I can roll up my sleeve to cover it up a bit chei? The same passion I used to like, it is the same I used to dislike, which is a trait I have been trying to suppress. So to help myself now, I rather don't want to know whatever ish is going on! This much I told two of my co-workers few days ago! There was a power -game being played out in the department, and one was trying to lure me to her side, I told both of  them, o-ha, that I was not interested to dance to any form of music being played! I should simply be left alone! Abegy! I did not come there to make friends or foes, but to earn my $$$!

I will conclude this post with the proverb an elderly man once told me during one of my loyalty moments; 'Come and join me fight!' They will say. When you do, they will take one step back, while you take one step forward, until you get to the front of the battle field, and realized you are the only one standing! So to many that will read this post, there is NOTHING, like OUR fight! It is YOUR fight, and MY fight. Even the bible says, do NOT meddle into affairs that does not concern you! I no dey hear word! OUCH!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


For those who read my old blog, I used the word 'razz' to described myself, that some ,if not many, took it to heart, that one 'classy commenter' , used it to cuss me out when she disagreed with me on a post. For few, if not some, knew, I was being sarcastic! Because, I am a down-to-earth-person ... wait o, I once read that it is only poor people that are down to earth ...  and it amuses me to see some people trying so hard to present a different image for the public, by forming or acting effizzzzy! One commenter once said, it was all about packaging! Issorit!

I have lived in Nigeria for over 3 decades and have related with both the rich and poor, uneducated and educated, as neighbours, friends or clients, and I put it to you all, that, ALL HUMANS are the same, especially, when faced with the same situation, ONLY THE ENVIRONMENT that we grew up in makes us different! Do you guys understand what I am saying? If you don't, have you watched Eddie Murphy old movie, Trading places?' For those who might not have watched it, let me summarize it quickly; Two millionaires decided to bet on a game with $1:00; They made their rich stock broker to live the life of a poor beggar and vice versa, and each became the other person! Which made the millionaires to conclude that, it is the environment that shapes one's character! Since we do not choose which environment to be born into, we should respect other people way of living.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hubby and I were about to drive out when we saw a Nigerian woman walked by, she was wearing ankara gown. We greeted her and introduced ourselves. She came to do omogwu for her son whose wife gave birth. She always took a walk in the mornings because she needs the exercise and tired of being indoors all day. We exchanged address and that is it o!

They live behind our street, and we have not gone to see them, none have I seen her pass since a month ago! Why this reluctance by we Nigerians to meet each other in a foreign land? There is this fear or uncertainty in us! Maybe she didn't tell them or she did and they told her they were not interested. I admire the Hispanics and Indians o. They have a workable community. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


One of the things I like about my kids new school is the numerous home work they are given to do inside their laptops, except my son who is in 2nd grade. Before I print my eldest daughter's English essay every week, I always read it because the topics are very interesting. Infact, few days ago, I just finished reading one of her literature books she had assignment on. A very touching story written in 1954 by Kamala Markandaya, called 'Nectar in a Sieve.' 

Her essay of three weeks ago, really intrigued me. It was titled; 'The irony of the three questions' written by Leo Tolstoy. It was  short story about the three questions a king asked his wise men and he could not get a satisfactory answer and decided to seek out an old hermit that lived in the mountains. He got the answers to his three questions through his own actions without the hermit telling him the answers.