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Monday, September 07, 2015


 Workers are at home enjoying their holiday today, well not all! The dollar shop close to me is opened and of course grocery stores and essential services. This is the right time to talk about credit since it is about income earners today.

You see, when I first heard about the credit palava, I was like; 'Why get credit  card when you have your debit card? I came from a country where you pay cash for everything! So, we declined to get a credit card. It was when we were told we had no credit ratings when we wanted to lease an apartment and buy a car, it dawned on us that we must get it by force by fire! So hubby got it and joined my name to his account to curtail our spendings while I had debit with my own account.

It is enjoyable to spend money you are yet to earn o! To pay back, that is where the trouble begins! The gbese (debt) many income earners are in ehen! No be small thing! A guy said that when his gebese got to $10k, he hid his credit cards to avoid temptation and was spending his debit and paying back his credit gradually. Some credits are fried! Some credit information are stolen! This is why banks and individuals are very alert and cautious. I went shopping with one of our credit cards and it was declined! I called hubby who traveled. He was also using the same credit card,  and we have passed the agreed limit! I had to go back home to get the second credit card while he called the bank.  

Let me use this analogy to explain how some income earners behave; A $500 debit card was given to two friends each to purchase a washing machine. One of them bought $400 worth and saved $100. While the other bought $700, taking a credit of $200 from the shop with a promissory note to pay within a certain time or the item will be collected back. She was not able to meet the deadline and ran to her friend, for help, the friend refused. Some income earners live above their means and expects to be bailed out by friends. There is someone I know, who is no longer credit worthy, and is paying back a huge chunk from paycheck, this individual asked for our help to offset a debt, incurred again, which we refused, explaining we were on a tight budget. Can you believe, this person is no longer friendly on social platform? HABA! We are a large family living prudently, not because, we don't know what we want, but simply buy what we need!

Dear ALL income earners, as I wish you a happy labour's day, PLEASE,  live within your income! You DON'T have to be like the Jones! Having credit is helpful but also hurtful, when not well managed! HAPPY LABOR'S DAY!!! YE-HAW!!!!!!!