Saturday, September 12, 2015


I love hair accessories! I always decorated my daughters' hair with beads and ribbons, now that they are teenagers, they have outgrown it.  My 14 year old likes hair bands and purple colour, while my 12 year old likes hair combs and pink colours. I buy the hair accessories from dollar and beauty shops, but I wanted something entirely different from the basics. I then, remembered my 41st birthday gift! 

Hair bands, bangles, earrings and combs

Phoenix J, surprised me with a hair band, bow and pin! I contacted her to make some for my girls. She told me the prices, by the time, I negotiated with her as a typical 9ja woman, she didn't know when she shouted NITTY!!! Before nko?! I honed my haggling skill with baba Lasisi the meat seller ke! She gave a beautiful hair pin to my daughter when she celebrated her 14th birthday last month. It is appreciated, J. #hugs#

I so admire her! She is creative!  She makes a lot of stuff from Africa materials, braids hair and a good cook! I wonder, where I waka go when all these talents were shared!  
Thank you for reading and have a nice week ahead. And welcome to Texas J! :D