Friday, September 25, 2015


Hey! My pipo! I dey hail unah o! { Greetings to everyone}. It's been a very busy week! My baby is teething, {back molars}, he is cranky, crying, clingy, and itching! He is asleep now, so I decided to drop in and let you guys know that I am very much around, and have not done any of my disappearing act! Ahahaha. I dey gdigbam! I enjoy blogging, and I don't see myself stopping even when I tried in the past, it has become a hobby to me. Thank you to all my readers and commenters. 

Okay! Today, I am gonna complain about a particular attitude some Nigerians have! E no dey tire me to talk about our pipo o jare!  Imagine! Someone sent a message from 9ja that we should send her $200, JUST LIKE THAT! Nope! It is not her first time, we have obliged her in the past. We told her we were flat broke, and explained about our new apartment, kids resuming school,  and more utility bills. Guess what she said next, ..... come on, guess, ...................,' we are bigger than that!' W-H-A-T!!!!!!! If only people know how these words pisses me off ehen! Bigger than wetin??? Than $200??? That is #50k! So, you can just walk in to any friend's or relative's house and ask to be given, NOT lend such amount, as if you gave them to keep somewhere??

You see, I no dey tire to dey use these two words sef? ahahaha This is one of the phrases our pipo use, to kind of blackmail you to do something for them! Because when they say,'you are bigger than something,' it is a praise-insult! Lemme coin the words together and call it 'praisult'! It is a way to shame or embarrass someone, that the person will be forced to give or agree with them! This particular person, spent her money on her lover and is asking us, with our brukata, to bail her out! Because she don see mugu ke!  It was the same way, another friend asked us to help pay $200 for a conference he was coming to,of course, we refused, because hubby has helped in the past through his domiciliary account in Nigeria, and they never paid back! If you can buy ticket to come here, you can pay 'common' $200 ke! Abi no be so my pipo?

$200, looks like #2,000 to our pipo back home, that is why they can ask for it, just like that! The truth is that, Nigerians are very generous people,  they give out such amount, even more, for lunch and bus fare when you go and greet them in their homes or offices. My hubby worked in a bank when In Nigeria, he received visitors many times in a week, and he gave out between #2k-#50k to individuals depending on what they told him. Infact, one of them was saying how he missed my hubby, that he knows, where he can run to, when he is hard -up. Hubby told him, it is not same as usual. $1, makes a lot of difference here o! Hubby later learnt that some were simply sob stories to extort money from him! ahahaha. One day I will gist you the stories. I quarreled several times with him that these people were taking advantage of his kindness, and simply saw him as a means to an end, but he didn't believe me, until he caught one of them red-handed! 

I don't want to bore you guys with so much talking. It's 11:51am, lemme go and prepare my breakfast before my little oga will wake up. Have a lovely weekend everyone ... CHAI! He is awake ooo. Bye!