Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My pipo, I have observed one thing o! Nigerian Christians in yankee have their own 'god' that is understanding, than the GOD they worshiped back home! Yes o! Their 'god' understand they have to get legit and are allowed to do anything to achieve that! I am not trying to be insensitive here, afterall, I have not removed the big log in my own eyes, before I can see and remove the tiny speck in theirs. My own is that they should just maintain their own lane, and don't come 'preachy' to me!!! And we wonder why some diaspora become unbelievers after relocating? It has nothing to do with the western society, but we, we!

There is absolutely nothing new I want to say on this matter because you have probably heard it all! But it still amazes me though! These same people will be forming 'spirit-filled' in forums! When I read some comments and posts, I just waka comot, because, the lies brekete! NIGERIAN CHURCHES IN DIASPORA DO NOT PREACH AGAINST SUCH 'SINS'!!! It has become a norm! Their 'god' will understand. Yet! They will be the same people to SCREAM about other sins! Is sin different from sin, my guys?

I  do hear some Nigerians say that GOD hates divorce, but in diaspora, it is okay for them to divorce their non-Nigerian spouses after getting what they want! So it is only your Nigerian spouse, your 'god' says you should not divorce abi? TAAA!!!

A guy once jokingly said that, the first rule of survival for any Nigerian immigrant, is to become born-again, be active in church, and become a pastor if you wish. That is why the stories one hears, makes one jaw drop to the floor, AYAKATA!!!