Monday, August 17, 2015


Good morning everyone! It's being a very busy week for me. Schools are resuming next week, so got my kids registered in their new schools, bought their supplies and will start braiding my daughters' hair today, it usually takes me 2 days ...  I will finish on Thursday ... hopefully.

Talking about school supplies, I came across comments in facebook where parents talked about it. Many complained about the increase in the supply list, that schools are now indirectly shifting the expense to parents, because, their budgets have been reduced. NOPE! There are no text books to be bought, schools provides that. The school supplies are; Note books, pencils, biros pens, ruled sheets, crayons, hand sanitizers, clorox wipes, ziplocs,  kleneex, erasers, highlighters, sharpies, construction papers, binders, folders, glue, scientific calculator  etc. A particular commenter said, in her days, all she took to school was a pencil and note book, the rest was provided by the school. It all depends on the grade and city the schools are located and the prices ranges from 25cents.


Coming from a country where public school is nothing to write home about, which makes most parents to enroll their children in private schools, what we spend on supplies is so much compared to the list here! We buy the textbooks and note books from schools who are supplied by publishing companies. These textbooks cannot be handed -down because, they make sure some writings are done inside or the school will change the publishers! 

Nevertheless, schools here have their own supplies which they give students who don't have any or enough. Teachers also buy supplies from their own personal pockets to help his/her class. NO child is penalized if they don't have any supplies. The teacher will simply give the child from his/her stock! I appreciate the teachers effort.

I am on the fence regarding the discussion because, where I came from, it is solely the parents responsibility  to provide everything. I appreciate the help from the school. Also, a family with plenty children like 3-6, will spend more, which I understand,  especially when living on a tight budget or low income. Money has value here and is very appreciated! $20, can go a long way to buy a week's grocery for an individual. I have simply learnt to buy the needful, because, at the end of the academic year, every child is given back their supplies both used and un-used, and I observed that some notebooks were barely used! The children end up using it for scribbling. I got a few tips from the discussion also, like not giving all the supplies at once to the kids to school, rather keep at home and give as requested.

Have a stress-free week people.