Monday, August 24, 2015


Schools resumed today. I am at home with my 19 months son, who is sleeping, so I decided to log in before he wakes up and start looking for his siblings. He had 3 months fun at home with them, and he's sure gonna miss them until they come back from school. School buses were picking kids from different corners, there was this nostalgia feeling in the air, maybe because it is the first day after a long summer. The house is quiet now, except for the radio that is on, I am missing the noise already.

They posed for photos.
The pic didn't do them justice

While waiting with my daughter for her school bus, I saw my neighbour who walks her dogs by 7:00am and 5:00pm daily. I have fallen in love with these big, well groomed white furry beauties! I am usually scared of big dogs and I am not a pet lover, but I can't help loving these friendly dogs, who always wants to be scratched behind their ears. They were rescue dogs, she has 5 of them! Looking at them, shows the lot of TLC she pours on them. Hubby likes dogs, and has been wanting to get one since in Nigeria, but I refused! Infact, in 2008, he bought a puppy for #20k, from a friend who breeds Alsatian dogs, by the time, I gave him a piece of my mind, and told him the number of anakara wrappers I could have bought from that money, he gave it out!  As he saw my interest in these dogs, he was suggesting of getting one, the side-eye I gave him ehn! I told him, loving does not mean having it! Who has the energy and time to be grooming, walking and visiting vets? 

During the school registration, and 'meet the teachers night' parents were advised against the dangers of social  platform for teenagers and the school will not be held liable for any student's comment or altercation between themselves on any social platform. And they applauded parents who refused their children to be part of any of the social platforms until they become adults. My daughters have phones, and we did not allow them to have face book accounts! I watched a video where a guy uses fake name and picture to lure out teenagers as young as 12 year old to meet him. He will inform their parents who will be there with him to see if truly their daughters fell for the trap. THEY ALL DID!!! GOD help we parents o! 

Have a blessed week ahead. Off to prepare breakfast :D