Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Yesterday, my baby dropped my phone on the floor and it went black! This was not the first, second, third, fourth, fifth ... time, because he sees it as his musical toy, but it seems the phone has reached it's limit of endurance! So, I went searching for my old phone I bought in 2012, when I newly arrived. It is an unlocked phone that had just 2 main functions, call and text! Then, I was teased so much , ehen! I wasn't bothered, because, we were being prudent o jare!

 I removed my old sim, opened the back of my damaged phone to remove it's sim ... nothing! That moment, I was like the man who had a Volkswagen car and didn't know that it's engine was at the back side and was asking passer-bys if they saw his engine on the road, because it was not in front of his car! Then! It hit me! Google is your friend! I searched for; how to retrieve sim card from nexus 5 android phone, and there it was! The key was staring at me all along in the package, and I didn't even know what it was for! Glad, I have not thrown the box away during my de-cluttering frenzy! I inserted the key, removed the sim card jejely, and put it into my old phone, and I am back on the communication grid! SHIKENAH! 

I learnt few lessons from this;

1}Never look-down or common-nize or under-estimate anything or anybody because of their appearances or status or income, because, that thing or person might be your helper  or come in need in your most trying moment or hour. I believe, most of you might have heard of the story of how a messenger helped a graduate to get a job in a blue chip company abi?  

2} Never be ashamed to ask questions when you don't know something. Listen! It is better to be laughed at, rather than to make more mistakes that can be costly! NOBODY knows it all! There is a common saying in Lagos; 'If you ask for directions, you will not get lost!' 

3}Patience, loyalty and contentment are virtues that one must learn to cultivate. I once watched a movie where a boss told his staff that, he does not want them to like him, but to be loyal to him! Because, a loyal staff will never betray him! Contentment makes one to live within their means, and saves one from a lot of debt! Patience, allows one to think out clearly, before embarking on a decision. Many atimes, the solution to a problem, is staring at us, but we don't know because, we are not patient enough, to look around. In our haste to get it done, we pass, step on it or destroy the solution!

So my friends, what lesson did you also learn?