Thursday, July 23, 2015


I went to pick my package from the office which was dropped by the mail man when nobody was at home. I saw a couple who came to search for an apartment. As, I walked away with my package, they called out to me, and asked about the apartments. I gave them good report. They were surprised because, the review on the website gave only 2 stars and there were complaints about the walls being too thin. I told them, I was not aware of that, I like the apartments and the management. Unlike from my former place of abode, the manager was cold!

You see, 'them say, them say' ... many atimes are wrong! Few times they are right! When we wanted to relocate, we had two options, New Jersey or Texas. The comments on Texas, discouraged us; 'Oh! There are too many Nigerians there! Oh! It is too hot over there! Oh! Racism is not subtle there!' So, we chose New Jersey, since it was close to New York. Eventually, we had to move to Texas! And, I tell you people, 4 Nigerian families have moved down to Texas because of our review! 

Does that mean, the people were not truthful? They were! They simply based their opinion on their experience! This is why, I always say, what works for Mr A, might not work for Mr B! This applies to all phases of life! Be it friendship, career, academic, marriage, and family. Not one size fits all!!! So, when you hear, 'them say this, them say that', still have an open mind. PLEASE, it does not mean that when you are told 'fire' is dangerous, you still doubt and go and put your hand inside to see if it is true!