Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Dearest siblings,
                       I know you love your brother and sister very much, but I want you to know that, immediately they get married, you don't come first in their lives anymore, so STOP seeing your in-laws as competitors, struggling for relevance, with them!

                     Siblings of brothers, you are the worst culprit in this family drama! Always talking about 'my brother's house.' For your information, IT IS NOT YOUR BROTHER'S HOUSE!!!!! It is their matrimonial home! GET THAT INTO YOUR HEADS! The only place you can call your own is, YOUR FATHER'S HOUSE!!!! 

                       Yes o! You see, you cannot f*** your brother! Unless, you want to commit incest! And, yes! He cannot have another family, as he can have another wife, which you all say, but he still CANNOT MARRY YOU! For your information, every wife comes with her own bag of tricks! So, for your self-centeredness, you don't mind your brother having a string of wives and children? You don't mind making his spouse unhappy in her own home? While your own family will be intact, when you get married and pamper your own spouse abi? I see!!! You say, 'my parents suffered to train him!' Wow! I have a breaking news for you all, THE WIFE'S PARENTS ALSO SUFFERED TO TRAIN HER! Abi, no be woman born am also? 

               I know your type! Because of what you stand to gain from your brother, you are always happy to see them in discord, infact, you can be the cause of the discord sef! You go about town, bad-mouthing your brother's spouse, but when you get married, you will hype your spouse! LIKE SERIOUSLY??? But you forget other people knows you and will spill! A young man once did that to his brother's wife, set her up and she was driven away from her matrimonial home with her son. Years later, one of the conspirators confessed when he found Christ. Which made the stupid young man to confess, because his brother was not giving him much money as before, and blamed his wife! When he wanted to get married, his brother sworn, never! The family went on their knees begging the wife to come back! 

         Listen, dear siblings, I am not saying, you will be cut off, but, RESPECT BOUNDARIES!!! It is not right for a man to neglect his own spouse and children's needs to satisfy you! Because, you won't have been happy if your father did that to you and your mother, right? You see, it is a circle! Your parents was once like your brother with his wife, and they started a family, which is you and your siblings! Your siblings leave the nest to start their own family! Just, as you will someday!