Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Phew! Decided to take a breather and rest my limbs today. Few days time, all utilities will be disconnected! I went on blog run and face book visiting, which reminded me that, I am yet to talk about my ish with fb likes; I came across a R.I.P message, and some people were liking it! I was, like, hey, wait a moment! You are not suppose to like sad news! Rather, you COMMENT! But I saw several likes and ONLY ONE COMMENT! 

It surely confuses, amazes and puzzles me why people like anything! I know it is to show support, but not for 'grievous news!' IMO!  Celebrations, inspirational quotes, pictures and jokes, YES, LIKE THEM ALL! But on the other hand, some people want to use the sad news to gather likes, by saying it in an 'aww-ing' way. Why will some people like pictures of accident scenes and victims huh?

I was a passive participant in face book when I opened it in 2010, until, I became active in 2014. Later, the excitement began to worn off,  because, I got bored with the cliche quotes and pictures. I only became excited during discussion. Talking of boredom, I want to change my blog template, getting tired of it! Also, looking for the right profile picture.

Some are silent watchers who only come out of their 'shell' during birthday celebrations.That is to show solidarity. Hence, I thought that was the norm, when I became active.  So, when I got about 10 likes when celebrating, I wondered, who were the 160 friends I have? That was when, I took a good look at ALL my friends, and realized I didn't know many of them at all! I edited it to 40 people! With time, it might get lesser! 

There are many reasons why people add someone as a friend. Some do, because they genuinely like you. Some, because, they want to know what you are up to. Some, because, you are a sibling to their friend or spouse. Some, because, they just want to increase their number of friends. Some, because they are related. In 2010, I simply accepted friendship requests, without knowing the person, because, I thought, they knew me either through my siblings or spouse or school. But in 2014 till date, I simply accept because I know you. I have sent friend requests to few also, when I am very sure I want them in my inner circle.

 I have been unfriended by a cousin because I made the error, of trying to help her correct the 'mistake' face book made about her birth-date. I have also unfriended a few because, I observed that they were simply 'monitoring spirits' who were always in the shadow! Face book has it's own 'politics' as blogsville does. And, we all know that when it comes to politics, there is no permanent foe or friend, just self interest! 

OK! guys! That is my ish with Fb likes! Enjoy the remaining week days ahead, I will update, in 2 weeks time, hopefully, when I have settled in and found my rhythm again. Thank you for reading.