Thursday, June 25, 2015


Do you guys remember the comedy; 'Mind your language?' If you don't, then you still be small pickin o jare! I was surprised to see the link on a friend's fb page. Hmm, talking about face book, I have something I wish to talk about ... but some other day. So, I clicked on the link and had a good laugh! I searched for it on you-tube and my week has been full of laughter! 


Those that don't know the sit-com, it is a 70's -80's English comedy, which had a Nigerian version called Second chance, with Madam Kofo as the most hilarious student and veteran actor, Olu Jacobs as the teacher. Do you now have an idea of what I am talking about? Well, if you still don't know, you be really small pickin o! 

I love the realness of this sit-com. I searched for Second chance online, I came up with nothing. I will keep searching. My kids were watching me and grinning as I was rolling on the settee and holding my sides. The catch -words; OH! BLIMEY! and A THOUSAND APOLOGIES! Always have me in stitches! Oh! My goodness! How can I forget Mr Brown? He is one patient teacher! Madam Kofo made me laugh so much, especially with her gele! I was star struck when she came to our house the first time with my uncle. It pained me when NTA stopped airing the show, I still don't know what transpired, rumours said, internal politics caused it!

I don't watch some comedies, because they are too cheesy for me. I enjoyed 'Malcolm in the middle', and I am currently watching; My name is Earl. Hmm, I just remembered that, I never finished watching 'How I met your mother', so as to know who he eventually married! I will ask my daughters later, since, they started watching it this summer, and having a good laugh. Comedy is one of my fav Tv shows, because, laughter is not only fun but therapeutic! #going back to watch more episodes# ... is it okay, to wish you guys, happy weekend in advance, although it is mid-week ..... ahahahaha.