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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Do you guys remember the comedy; 'Mind your language?' If you don't, then you still be small pickin o jare! I was surprised to see the link on a friend's fb page. Hmm, talking about face book, I have something I wish to talk about ... but some other day. So, I clicked on the link and had a good laugh! I searched for it on you-tube and my week has been full of laughter! 


Those that don't know the sit-com, it is a 70's -80's English comedy, which had a Nigerian version called Second chance, with Madam Kofo as the most hilarious student and veteran actor, Olu Jacobs as the teacher. Do you now have an idea of what I am talking about? Well, if you still don't know, you be really small pickin o! 

I love the realness of this sit-com. I searched for Second chance online, I came up with nothing. I will keep searching. My kids were watching me and grinning as I was rolling on the settee and holding my sides. The catch -words; OH! BLIMEY! and A THOUSAND APOLOGIES! Always have me in stitches! Oh! My goodness! How can I forget Mr Brown? He is one patient teacher! Madam Kofo made me laugh so much, especially with her gele! I was star struck when she came to our house the first time with my uncle. It pained me when NTA stopped airing the show, I still don't know what transpired, rumours said, internal politics caused it!

I don't watch some comedies, because they are too cheesy for me. I enjoyed 'Malcolm in the middle', and I am currently watching; My name is Earl. Hmm, I just remembered that, I never finished watching 'How I met your mother', so as to know who he eventually married! I will ask my daughters later, since, they started watching it this summer, and having a good laugh. Comedy is one of my fav Tv shows, because, laughter is not only fun but therapeutic! #going back to watch more episodes# ... is it okay, to wish you guys, happy weekend in advance, although it is mid-week ..... ahahahaha.


NaijaScorpio said...

U don enter weekend already. I like The Middle. You might like it.

Tamie said...

Haha! You just reminded me that I am not a small pikin! I watched it and loved it. Mr Brown was the most patient teacher in the universe. Another common catch word was Por favor

Abiola Olaleye said...

Sis, I be half small pikin because I can only vaguely recollect those sitcoms, have to google . madam Kofo is a legend in her own right o, I love that woman.

I just stumble on shows these days, don't really set out purposely to watch.

I really don't understand blogger anymore...I've given up on that side and when I'm ready, would just pack my kaya and leave.

Nitty Gritty said...

I like middle, we finished watching it last year and had a very good laugh. Yes ooo, friday is already here! Ahahaha

Nitty Gritty said...

Shior! I always thought you were a little pickin o, you proved me wrong! ahahaha, ...oh, yes! Por favore! Oh my days!

Nitty Gritty said...

Nooo! I refuse to believe that Abiola! You vaguely recollect ke? AHAHAHA oh, yes! She is! Her gele became a trend at parties that time.

I added you on G+ in my phone browser, to get updated post, it went blank the next day! Go to your setting, if nothing is amiss, report to blogger,

PLEASEEEE, don't pack your kaya and leave ooo, it can be resolved,, ... 9jamum I don't see again, Sting was also dropping a hinting ... Sykik is busy with her bomboy, ... I like your cool, quiet and I no-like-wahala demure.

Tamie said...

Lol little ke? Hahaha...
Little not ..
At least not agewise.