Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hey! My guys! You remember, I said I will talk about the things I don't like in my apartment in my previous post huh?

I live in a peaceful and beautiful neighbourhood. Any visitor that comes, likes the environment because it was built with children in their mind. You can't help falling in love with the landscaping and structural design, since it is a new concept with modern facilities. But nothing of man-made is perfect, right? 

Captured from the dinner table section,#lazy#

Well, to start with, I did not view the apartment before moving in because, I was coming from New Jersey. I was given the key immediately I signed my part of the lease, since hubby has done his. The apartment was being tided up when hubby came to ask for a lease, because a tenant recently moved out. He couldn't view, due of his work, and simply paid. I entered the apartment before him that day sef, and loved it instantly! 

After inspecting all rooms, that was when I realized, there was no storage! Why? I asked them. I was told it was because we requested for 2 bathrooms, so such apartments will forfeit their storage! Oh yes! The second bathroom is bigger than any I have seen in most apartments. Since, I don't like clutter, I didn't really mind, but, I still need it to keep few basic things, like the vacuum and buggy.

I love my kitchen cabinets and appliances, although, it is an open kitchen design, but the wall is white! COME- ON! The first day, I boiled  pepper and made stew, it spurted and splashed on the wall! I cleaned taya dat day ehen! I was advised to put a fancy wall paper on that particular space ... but it will clash with the decor, so  I cover my pot partially whenever I prepare stew. 

HA! No windows in the bathroom and Kitchen! Rather, electric air vents, to be switched on when cooking or doing #2! ME-HN! Dem no think say, some shit smell fit choke somebody, esp, after chopping medimedi or jekunge, huh? Several cans of air- freshener and scented oil comes to the rescue, but the health hazard nko? And no place to dry anything! It makes me miss the radiators in NJ. You are not allowed to dry anything outside! Everything, goes to the laundry!

Hmmm ... apart from the open design kitchen, no storage, the white paint and windowless kitchen and bathrooms, I love everything else about the property. But we have to move soon. Yesterday, we viewed 3 apartments, and I came to appreciate this apartment more. But, like everything in life, the only constant thing is change itself. So we are moving out as I explained here.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week ahead.