Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have always had a curious mind about anything spiritual and supernatural, but I curbed the urge because of my bible teachings ... but some events do come up that makes me want to ask questions to satisfy the 'hunger' in me. Hmmm ... so much was said against NOAH ... the movie of course ... HEY! WAIT! Don't click off yet, it is not a movie review ... I just want answers to some questions that has been in me since I became born-again 2 decades ago, but suppressed it because I was afraid, I might be committing a sin, or be held responsible for anybody going astray ... but yesterday, the 'hunger' in me awakened, so I wish to learn from you all.  


I have searched and read online many views and articles, but it still did not satisfy my 'hunger'  ... just as people asked questions about Christmas, Easter with the bunny rabbit theme, some religious doctrines and practices, which eventually led to the birth of so many churches, and the truth ... I also seek the truth. 

My questions are;

1}Where did Cain see a wife to marry? It was just Adam, Eve, him, Abel, and later Seth.

2}Who helped Noah to build such a gigantic ark? Even with today's technology, it will be a feat.

3}How was the earth multiplied with only Noah and his family? That we now have different races ... are we not suppose to be the same?

4}Was the garden of Eden destroyed by the flood? Because, archaeologist said they found it. How true? If not true, then the garden of Eden was destroyed with the flood.

5}Why didn't Methuselah go with Noah? He was his grandfather.

Please this post is not to stir controversy,  or derail anybody from the path of faith and believing in GOD, rather, it is to satisfy this 'hunger' for knowledge in me ... for the bible says; My people perish for lack of knowledge. Thank you.