Monday, May 18, 2015


I  nodded a greeting to my neighbour who lives in the second building opposite mine, as I took the trash out on Friday evening ... let me digress here ... sometimes,  I do sit outside for a while and have a 'me' time.  So, when I came back, I saw that she had gone inside. Her kids were standing by the window, calling and waving to other children outside, and their mother came to close the window! 

my me-time-place

I was taken aback! Why? I noticed a black kid went to play with her children, when I was passing. Is it safe to assume that, she does not want her children to associate with other black people? or she does not want her children to play with other children at all? If so, don't they play in school with different children?  Because there were 2 Hispanic women talking and watching their kids playing, though, they did not near her own children. I think, she is from Africa by her dressing and dialect when talking with her tribeswomen at the car park. And Nope! I don't know her as a friend, nor, have I said a word to her for the 2 years I have been living here. 

You see, we like to cry RACISM! RACIST! But the bitter truth is that, it is not entirely them! But also us! We don't even like each other! Let me tell you something, the most annoying challenges I have experienced in America, is from us! There is no African community like the Hispanics, Indians and Chinese, that you can see and feel their presences in some places you go. Ours is church and party! Any avenue to make you spend your hard-earned money, that is where you will see Africans! But help, or show others the way, WHOSAI! Why? Because of, your-own-no-go-better-pass-my-own-attitude, if-mumu-no-fall-maga-no-go-chop-attitude, and pull-him-down-syndrome! 

Sincerely, do I blame anybody for this? NAY! Because, experience have taught many that it is best to go solo or be a loner, to avoid had-I-known-stories! I was always so eager to meet fellow Nigerians, on my arrival, that my hostess, will be laughing and shaking her head at me, that I don't understand yet,  but, now, that zeal is no longer there, infact, I avoid 'us' as much as possible, because, the need for survival has turned some Nigerians into something else! You simply don't know who you should call a friend. I am alone at home, no friends, and I like it that way because I am safe that nobody is seeing my family and I as a means to an end, and then keep malice with us! 

Well, I went in by past 8 ... it's almost summer, so the day was not dark yet. Hmm,  talking about apartments, I will tell you what I don't like about my apartment next week. 

Have a fulfilled week ahead.