Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Hello, my guys. I have been taking a look at different creches to put my son. I wanted a creche that they also teach a little. You know in Nigeria, he will start nursery school at 2 years, but here, a child must be 4 before he starts pre-school. I have another appointment by 10:00am this morning sef!  I am also job hunting ...
nah here me and oga dey get small pata o ...he said I should still wait small ... EHEN? 

He was afraid that his son will not be well looked after, but when he saw the modus operandi of the day care centers, he felt confident that he will be in good hands ... but we are on a waiting list o! I don't want to use home creches because, I want him to learn and avoid 'had I known talk o'. Another issue I am having with my hubby is the type and time of the job, he wants me to be back home by 4 , because my kids will be back from school by 4, and creches close by 6:00pm since they open by 6:30am. *side-eyes* to him o jare!


I refused! I told him if no space in any of the day centers I want, I will have no choice than to take him to home creche for a while, and he will be dropping and picking him up, since I don't have confidence yet to drive on the highway at night, because the home creche I like, is an hour drive from my apartment. Schools are vacating June 4th for the summer, so he will stay at home with his siblings, while I work. Another of his reason is that, my eldest daughter was accepted in a science academy, which is far from our present abode, so we are moving closer to make it less stressful for her... he wants me to be patient, and start working from there. I no gree o! Why? Because I received a letter  that I still need few hours of work to get my name into the Social security programme which is like a retirement benefit at old age. I stopped working when we moved to Texas and found I was pregnant, so I want to work until we move in August. But this man just dey drag him feet o! I know this trick well! E no go work! I pray, the creche I will be visiting in 2 hours time will have space o.

Okay, my guys, that is the summary of what I have been doing so far...including apartment hunting. Have a blessed week. Ciao!
p.s Happy Easter in arrears.