Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Choosing colours for chairs, curtains, bedspreads and walls are important when you have children. Let me disgress here a bit; Remember far back in the 80's-90's any girl that wears red, black and brown under wear was considered dirty? Even ladies were expected to use white under wear during the monthly flow! Now, I can barely see white underwears in the malls! I wonder if some still have the same old mentality?


Picking colours for the above mentioned items is not the problem, but maintaining it. Always think of the cost-in-use. Some people like all things white, but these items turn brown for lack of proper maintenance, due to poor finances or no enough time or energy. Therefore, find colours that can easily be maintained. Also, remember, others in the home might not share the same zeal for cleaning as you!

Personally, I like neutral colours.  Because, I have a large family with young children, I picked all shades of brown and blue for my furnitures and fabrics. I picked black for gadgets. That is why I am not so happy with the cream coloured walls and white doors apartment buildings have. It is not child-friendly! I am always wiping off pencil, crayon, marker, candy stains! Infact, marketers know this is a problem in homes, that they have door to door sales of stain removal.

Whatever colours you intend to pick, let it complement each other and have a continuity.  For instance, My settees, beds and dinning table are brown. Bed spreads, are blue. Tv, micro wave, blender, and electric kettle, are black. Infact, I am planning to buy black cooking pots sef!  This old mentality of having only shinning aluminuim pots does not gel with me again jor! You can also read this to know more of what I like  in a house.