Saturday, April 11, 2015


My guys, please, is it proper for a married woman to be asking an unrelated married man for financial help? A lady connected  on FB with a secondary school mate of hers after many years. Several weeks, she came up with a sob story,needing about 100k! This pissed off the married man, that he immediately blocked her!

When I heard, I was so angry! What was she thinking? That the married man does not have his own responsibilities at home that he will cough out such an amount to her in this hard time? Is she not a married woman herself? How does she expects the wife to feel ?  Why disrespect her husband like this? Have she asked all her  in - laws and relatives first? This is how some married women look for trouble o! They will call such men 'helper'. 'Helper' my a$$!


I believe you guys have heard about the Kenyan man that killed his wife and himself? And also the Nigerian who killed his fiancee? You see, such men makes me so angry! For crying out loud; WALK OUT of the relationship if you cannot cope! Than killing somebody's daughter and mother! If some African women start to do what these men did, there will be plenty orphans and fatherless children! Our African men cannot take a quarter of the BS they dish out to African women! Living abroad rips off the crown of power on African men that some become sore losers! HISS! RIP to the deceased.