Wednesday, April 01, 2015


'Why are you on your fours cleaning, don't you have a mop?' A friend asked this question when she came in and saw me cleaning the floor with towel. 'I do! But whenever I want to do thorough cleaning, I do it the old fashioned way.' The basic house chores are bed making,  washing the bathroom, mopping the floors,  sweeping all rooms, washing the dishes, laundry and dusting. There is a difference between sweeping and swe-ep-ing! One can use a broom and quickly run it on the surface of the floor to remove any dirt on it. That is sweeping. One can use the same broom and put underneath heavy objects to clean, move items to clean behind it, and lift up things from the floor to remove dirt, that is called swe-ep-ing! Which I will refer to as detailed cleaning.


Detailed cleaning and basic cleaning are the two ways I do my house chores. Let me digress here to explain that there some chores particular to certain environments. I grew in Nigeria, so washing the gutters and sweeping the surroundings is an everyday chore. I do detailed cleaning every once a week. This includes, cleaning inside and behind chairs, lifting up mattresses and cleaning underneath, wiping all surfaces, cleaning out the fridge and scrubbing the floor.

House chores in a large family can be tasking. Hence, it is advisable to distribute it out according to ages. Presently, my eldest daughter {13} is in charge of the kitchen. It must be in order! She once told me I have OCD! She washes her own dishes, assists me when cooking, and washes my bathroom. Her siblings washes their own dishes immediately after eating. My 2nd daughter {11} is in charge of sweeping and washes their own bathroom. My eldest son {9} is in charge of mopping. My 2nd son {7} does the dusting.  My 3rd son {1} is in charge of throwing his toys, food and clothes everywhere! They all make their own beds. I sometimes rotate the chores amonsgt them so that they will all appreciate each other task and not make it difficult for the other person.  

I sometimes get tired of doing house-chores. When I get in such a mood, I just let it be and relax either by blogging or reading or watching movies. I have learnt not to over-stress myself, because house-chores never get finished or done! I simply do my best for the day and continue tomorrow. The trick to house chores, is simply cleaning and putting things back  the way it was immediately after use, and sternly tell kids not to mess up the home.  All the same, my apartment sometimes look like a train ran through it! Hey! Kids gonna be kids right?

Happy new month to you all.