Wednesday, April 29, 2015


9:42 am, I dropped it with a thud as I read the last paragraph, wondering why such a beautiful story should end up like this?! I poured so much accolades on it  here ... now I am hurting!

It all started from Chapter 51 ... I closed the book because I was afraid to know what will happen ... but curiosity got the better part of me, so I continued reading albeit reluctantly, hoping against hope it was not going towards the direction of my thoughts ... eventually page 588 confirmed my fears!

AN EX IS AN EX! PERIOD!!! REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES FOR BREAKING UP!!! VOWS WERE MADE BEFORE MAN AND GOD!!! SO IT OUGHT TO BE RESPECTED!!! REGARDLESS OF ANY FEELINGS!!! What is feelings sef? That momentary madness that makes one do the un-reasonable, and later turn around to blame the devil?  Humans should learn to keep their selfishness aside and think of the children involved in marriages. Happiness is relative jor! 

Marriage takes a lot of work to keep it on the smooth track, then only to be derailed by a hidden spook? Why build your happiness on another woman's foundation? Of course, the 'other woman' will sneer at such talk and give their reasons for involving in infidelity, forgetting that they too one day will soon find themselves in the same shoe they forced the wife to wear. It is a vicious cycle. And I observed that it is the 'other woman' that screams the most when they get married and their husbands begin to pay them back in the same coin they paid wives.

Why is it always on the 'other woman' wives pour out their anger on, what of the wayward husbands? Some will be asking huh? The answer is very simple; When the wife fights the man at home and he becomes repentant, the 'other woman' is not ready to let go, and she will start to play the seductive act to get him back ... and just as a moth that is lured by the electric light bulb that will quench it's life, the man will be going back to her ... so the best solution is to put off that electric light or fire! Obinze, did not really wanted to leave Kosi, and Kosi was ready to fight for her marriage, but Ifemelu played her card well, and he went back to his ex! If  Kosi, has ruffled Ifemelu's feather, she would have backed out!