Sunday, March 22, 2015


There was so much talk on it, that  my excitement was stifled, but when I eventually made up my mind about it,  I pondered, Why was there so much criticism? 

I won the novel in Toin's giveaway in March 2013, check it out, here.

Half of a yellow sun movie is beautiful!

I didn't see any steaming romance scene when I watched it in netflix last week; Is it where a part of her upper region showed as she got out of the tub? Or where she and her fiance laid on the bed, with her upper region unclad and him resting on it? Or was there more to it? If yes, please let me know, if no, then, some individual media pages should be edited also! I see worst! Does that make it right? Hell no! But who am I to judge, when none of us is a saint!

Got my 2 thumbs up!

It pains me her twin sister was never found. Because, there is an adage that says, it is better for a child to pass away than to be lost! Survivors of the Biafra war always pray, that Nigeria should never undergo such a thing again! March 28th will soon be here. Please, cast your vote quietly  and return to your homes to await the result. Please, whatever, the outcome, let us accept it peacefully. Heavenly father, please manifest Your presence in my country Nigeria and let Your will be done. AMEN.

Have a fulfilled week ahead.
P.S I look forward to reading and watching Americanah.