Wednesday, March 18, 2015


My guys,  the things I see and hear in court cases leaves me astonished! Some things are so unbelievable! Humans can lie ooo! I hail the judges who are able to break through so many lies because, I believed some stories until they analysis it and expose the liars in the cases! I have seen parents sue children and vis versa! Siblings sue each other! People sue for as low as $8.65! $3.00! $11.00! Best friends of 15 years fall out because of $100! And the washing of dirty linens of the individuals involved nko? My people, no be for here o! 


I am learning a lot from Hot bench, People's court, Judge Judy, Judge Ross, Judge Mathis, Judge Mablean and Divorce court.;Always have a burden of proof which must be a receipt, a notarized document or a signed document! I know! I know! It's nothing new to hear, but many of us overlook these  when we are dealing with friends and family. We wave it aside as small thing o jare, until wahala come! Then, we would know that when it comes to money and property, there is no brother, father, sister, mother and friend!

I am watching one where this couple was allowed to live rent free in house by the Landlord, because they had no money. Next thing he knew, they bought a SUV when they got money! Is this not wickedness? I remember how a tenant in a property I was managing was not able to pay his rent for over a year, the Landlord pitied him, after hearing the guy lost his job, by mistake, someone asked him what was his car he just bought doing in a mechanic workshop? That was when the Landlord knew that he bought a car at a giveaway price from a company's auction  because he didn't want to miss such an opportunity, but he could not bring it home since he knew he had not paid his rent, so he parked it at the mechanic workshop. He held grudge against that person who innocently spilled it out, and who didn't know he was owning over a year's rent! When he went to bring half the rent, the landlord rejected it and asked for the full rent payment! He sent people to beg, the kind landlord, accepted. He got another job. Before he moved out, he dared not owe the landlord when his lease expired!

My guys, is it wrong for a woman to evacuate an ectopic pregnancy on doctors recommendation? Well, an employee was fired for using the company medical insurance to pay for an abortion. The NGO who happens to be a religious group, was strongly against abortion and expected her to bear the risk of carrying the pregnancy to the full term, believing a miracle could happen. The judge was not happy with the employer but she had to rule in her favour because of the State law that supports her! 

I was gobsmacked! A mother's life was at risk, and you expected her to die in the process of giving birth, leaving the new born motherless? The employer's argument was more on her faith and belief! Don't we serve a living and loving GOD? Don't nature itself expunge a foetus from the womb if there is complication and we call it miscarriage?This reminds me of the religious body that don't believe in blood transfusion, hence, some women have died on delivery tables for loss of blood. Though, I enjoy reading their educative booklets, I refused to accept their beliefs. Personally, I support evacuation if the pregnancy is a result or incest, rape and the mother's life is in danger! But I am not in support of elective elimination by AS couples if the foetus is SS, the best solution  for them, is not to marry!