Sunday, March 01, 2015


There was an icy storm last week Monday and Tuesday; We stayed warm under our blankets and watched nollywood movies; I like Funke Akindele movies, so when I saw Maami, produced by Tunde Kelani, one of my favourite producers, I excitedly clicked on it, and I was not disppointed at all! One thing I like about our movies, though, I am a passive lover, is the message passed unto the viewers, and MAAMI, didn't fail to deliver! The movie was well scripted and tight!


The moral lessons I learnt from Maami were: Kindness is like a relay race, when the baton is passed unto you, pass it to the next person, but should not be done in foolishness. And life is like a market place, where some came to eat, some are eaten and some came to play. For the purpose of those who have not watched it, I will summarize the movie; Maami means mother; A single mother living in abject poverty with her son. Eating meat was a luxury she could not afford even on his 10th birthday, so she went to beg for scraps of meat from the butcher and people gave her foodstuff and money when they found out her plight. She saw 4 beggars,on her way home and decided to give from what she was blessed with. She had money for only 3,but the 4th beggar, was asking for his kind of rudely ... that was when she told her son the above parable.

It is blessed to give, and the bible says, when you have 2 coats, you can give out one. But, the word has been abused by many! Even the church is not left out! But I ain't gonna get into that! What I want to stress out here is that, some people like taking advantage of a kind gesture! For the fact that someone decided to carry you on their shoulders, it does not mean you should smother the person with all your weight! Simply because, some people don't come out to whine about their financial problems, it does not mean they don't have any! Some have learnt to manage with what they have. Please, let me state clearly that, this is different when it is comes to medical and education financial problems.

Why am I talking about this? It is because, last week, a guy asked a friend for $20. This friend said, the guy was wearing an expensive wristwatch! So, he could not understand, while he does not have $20! Why he no go pawn his wristwatch?  Some will squander their income to maintain their lifestyles, then come with sob stories, looking for empathy from friends, who lives prudently! I sincerely have no ish with anybody's taste, but when such people want to take advantage of a kind heart, it so pisses me off!

Another reason I am talking about this is that, since we arrived yankee, the financial requests hubby gets from friends and extended relatives, is so alarming, I tell you! Now, our immediate relatives don't ask for a dime o! Rather, they are concerned about our welfare and  always praying for us. But some certain people back home asks out of the blue. Hubby will tell them, we are yet to settle down! or is not up to 3 years we left o! or I have my family responsibilities also! You see, hubby was working in a bank in Nigeria then, and  we know this 9ja mentality of a banker = money. so many people visited him there, and he helped out. Now he is abroad, and that same mentality of yankee = money is really getting on my nerve! He has learnt to ignore such requests. Because these people earn an income! So why can't they do with what they have? I lived in Nigeria for 38 years, before relocating 3 years ago, so wetin dem wan tell me, I no know? 

You see, some will spend their money on frivolities. Yes! Anything from the usual bills, basic food and clothings are frivolities! If you cannot afford something,  you either let it go or find an alternative! This belief that somebody out there will help you, should just STOP o jare! Yes! GOD will always make a way, where there is none, and HE will always use someone to meet you at your particular need. I said need and not want! But don't see it as a right, but a privilege! Don't take it for granted or abuse the opportunity. Because, there is an adage; 'You say, give me, give me, give me, one day, I will tell you that, where I do collect from is finished!'

Please, as we have entered this new month of March, we should lay out our priorities and live within our budget. Everybody likes the good things of life, but if you cannot afford it, cut your cloth according to the material you have and no longer your size! Some will say, don't discourage others from giving,  please, I am not, because I have been a giver and receiver, but I wish atimes you can hear what people say behind your backs or how some will hold their kindness over your heads like the sword of Damocles! And some givings are unclean!  

Have a blessed and fulfilled month everybody! :D
OK! I am off to the laundromat now.
Good morning to y'all!