Saturday, March 14, 2015


A lady called her fiance when her car broke down by the road side. As a shinning knight in amour, he ran to her rescue and the car was taken to the mechanic. Time to pay the bill, her fiance said, he had no money. She  had to use part of her rent to offset the bill, and was not happy with her fiance and broke off the engagement! Her bone of contention? She stood nothing to gain from the relationship since his 'below department' was also lacking in size as his pocket was! Afterall, she cannot lose 2 things like that ke! What will she be enjoying in the marriage? 

The lack of money was the most motivating factor, which makes me angry with her and my empathy rather lies with the guy o jare! So, she  expected him to forfeit his own rent for her car repairs abi? In a country where you must not joke with your bills or else...humph! What pissed me off is that, she knows what his monthly pay was! Salaries are open secrets here. It's not like in 9ja, where it is a heavily guarded secret. When you tell anybody where you work, they already have an idea how much you earn, and they might know one or two persons working there, so no biggie! Why didn't she have savings and credits of her own?

If she was back home, definitely, her fiance would have paid! Because, our society expects that! He would have borrowed the money, if he did not have sef!  But not here! No man is obligated to spend on his lover or fiance! If he does so, it is because he wants to! And the non-African women do not expect such either! Infact! 9ja single guys are smiling and balling! They don't have to borrow or break the bank to impress any woman they are interested in. Going on dates and buying gifts is done within their budgets. I was told that AA women like our men because they spend on them, unlike their own men, who finds it difficult to give out $20.00 sef! I was also told of a 9ja guy who spent $600.00 on a bag for his first AA babe, when she refused him sex, and reported him to their office for sexual harassment, he asked for the bag back, whosai! The babe no answer am! Dem yab the guy dyee! Because it was one third of his salary! 

I do applaud our men, because they have this strong sense of responsibility towards their women, especially when they have the means, which intrigues AA when they see our men paying all bills at home, with the women contributing little or nothing! It's not so with them. They share everything! That is why it is common to hear their women 'beat their chest'! So for this 9ja babe, to be angry with her fiance, was uncalled for! If she cited the latter reason for the break up, I will have understood jor!