Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I laughed so hard while listening to this video! The guy was ranting about 9ja people back home who squanders money sent to them to build house or do business. He is really pained! Which he ought to be!   


3 weeks ago, a friend called my hubby and suggested to him to send money to buy land and start to build a house. Hubby thanked him and said,he was not interested. 

He didn't know, we already have a property before we relocated. I told hubby that, even, if, we have not built a house, I will not support him sending a dime! More-over, we arrived here in 2012! 2012! My people o! So, why is this kind of talk coming up? That was how someone suggested to us, to be sending cars. Hubby laughed, and told the person, we were just 2 years old in the country then!

 A guy we know, is ruined, because of  all the cars he bought and shipped to 9ja, he did not get his money back! He is regretting, bitterly! That was how a friend in 9ja threatened, a guy in yankee to stop disturbing him for his money, after selling the car he sent. Objectively speaking, I don't blame my people back home, but the Diasporas that flaunt all fakeness on the media, and exaggerate every thing! The same person said, a friend's brother that left within a year, sent in a car! Really? Good for them! Dem no go tell pipo the truth o

I find it ludicrous for one to be living in a tiny apartment, depriving oneself of comfort, and be sending money home to build a mansion! I am sorry! It's a warped sense of thinking! Many Diasporas do so, because, they don't consider abroad as their home! Believing anything can happen! And some want to build a house for their parents to reflect the new acquired status of a diaspora!  Heck! Not for me! 

This mentality by some Nigerians back home, that, they must enjoy the milk and honey that flows from across the seas by force by fire is so annoying! Because, they have no idea, what Diasporas go through to send that money! It is the tax return season, many are either sending the money back home or traveling to build their houses, especially now that the exchange rate is high! Laudable! But some of them have bad credits or  will start jumping from pillar to post to pay their bills later! Is it not a penny wise and pound foolish approach huh?

A lady worked her a$$  off sending money back home to her sibling to build a house for her. This sibling would send pictures of the various stages of completion. She visited  9ja unannounced, and got the shock of her life! The building was still at it's lintel level! 20 years of her labour in yankee, all gone! Where would she start from? Whom can she trust if her own younger brother can swindle her?  A student in jand was working around the clock, sending money home to help his parents build a house. He had no savings, because there were plenty of jobs to do, so no problemo! Then the global recession hit! No more extra jobs! He had only one job to keep body and soul together. He could not pay his school fees or rent or bills anymore or renew his visa! He was evicted from his apartment, stopped from his classes, could not fend for himself, his father stopped building his house, he eventually moved in with his girlfriend, and lives in fear! If he had saved all those monies, would he have been in such a dilemma?

LISTEN! I am not against having an invest back home either for you or your parents. All I am saying is that, one should apply wisdom! If you know, your stay abroad is not certain, by all means, invest all you have back home. But if your stay is assured, I see no reason for investing heavily back home when you know, this is the country you have sworn allegiance to and it's now your permanent home! You have started a new generation here! So who are you building the house for? Ok! To generate more income when it's leased out? Money that you won't smell, talkless to see and touch?

Please Diasporans, put your nuclear family first and save for your children education, so that they won't have so much loan to pay back the government after graduation and  save  for your retirement, so you will be well looked after at old age! I believe, where you make your living and have your family is your home!