Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Remember, I told you guys here, about the new style of packaged moin-moin that I saw in a wedding party? Well, last weekend at a birthday party I learnt a new tip of using empty caprisun sachet as a pouch for moin-moin for home use. Simply cut the top of the empty sachet, rinse it, and pour your moin-moin mix into it. Before putting the pouches inside the pot, place the usual protective layer inside the bottom of the pot, pour your water, and arrange the pouches standing upright and balanced. Then cover the pot with foil, before placing the cover of the pot on it and cook. So, mothers, don't throw away those caprisun sachets again!

My pipo, wetin dem dey call this item for 9ja? No be cotton bud? Well, I went to an AA Saloon for the first time on my arrival in 2012, and the lady was giving me make-up tips and said I can use Qtips to...I stopped her and asked, what was Qtip? She showed me. The Nigerian lady that took me there said; 'Don't I know Qtip?' That she felt embarrassed when I asked! I told her that, in our papa' s land that both of us relocated from it is called cotton bud! Shikenah! My pipo say, if you ask for directions, you no go lost! I am never ashamed to learn and ask what I don't know! One day, I will talk about the things I dislike so much in Nigerian diasporas in yankee! I tell you! Some are more oyibo than the oyibos sef! I just tire for some of them o jare!

This morning, as I listened to the radio, a woman was arrested for defrauding the government. She runs a care-home and was not truthful with the total number of people her home cares for. She had 'ghost' consumers! Hence, making more money from the government, who pays her for running such a facility. Guess, who the woman be o? A NIGERIAN! Mschew! I just don't know why some people think they can outsmart the system here in yankee huh? Yes! It can take years, but they will surely get them, and they will pay through their nose! Some will do mago, mago with their tax returns, when IRS catch them, they will vomit all the extra money they stole to the last penny! They will not live within their means o! Denging posing and doing effizy here and there! Dem think say, here nah 9ja, where ghost workers plenty for government offices?

Ha! My pipo! My ITK, don put me for another trouble o! Wait! Make I first talk, before unah yab me! HUMPH! Na so, FB send me birthday notification about somebody whom I know reach house o! I look the date and month, it was wrong! Abi, FB, make mistake? Or I no remember this person birthday date again? Nah so, I message the person say; Egbon, but your birthday no be this date and month? As I dey write, I still dey wait for reply since 3 months ago! Infact! E be like say, the person don block me sef, because I no dey get any news feed from am again o! It was later, it dawned on me that, I be wan pour san-sand inside this egbon garri, with my over-sabiness! My hubby laff tire, when I gist am! He told me that I should learn to mind my bee-wax o! Fb and it's wahala sef!

How do you guys place your forks at home? Upright {pix A] or downright {pix B}. Well, I do put mine like Pix A [upright] until I was corrected that it should be downright; Here, people are advised to put forks downright because the protruding tongs can impale/injure anybody who mistakenly slips, and falls on it in one of those freak unexpected domestic accidents in homes.

Well! That is it, my friends! Good-morning to you'all. Lemme see if I can pet my baby to's midnight and the bobo is running around and his eyes still dey shine kakaraka!