Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I never planned to update this week again until 1st of March, but when I visited Jay who lives in Yankee and I heard his gist, I just knew I had to talk about it, because the ish was making my body tremble with laughter and anger! On watching the video, I saw links to more of such videos, and realized I am a complete novice and newbie to all the going-ons around me! Oh! It's nothing new o jare! It's just that, when man bites dog, it becomes news, since it's only dogs that bites men! Let me make it clear that I support nobody involved in this ish! I am simply going to play the devil's advocate once more and say, he that comes to equity, must come with clean hands! And that when some people taste the same pill they force others to swallow, they scream how bitter it is! 


Oh! Yes! You guys must have guessed right; It's all about women Infidelity! Can one ever get tired of talking about this matter? Hell,no! Why? Because there are always new actors and actresses in this old drama saga! In the video, the man complained about how his wife cheated on him with a colleague in her place of work. What caught my attention most was his comment about Nigerian women in yankee imitating the bad side of yankee instead of good. I will like to take your minds back to this objective post I wrote months ago on this issue. The truth is that the Nigeria society stifles women, so when we come to a society that allows us to spread our wings, some will spread it so wide! And this is a threat to our men, who wants to clip these new developed wings! 

When a husband cheats, the wife is told begged to forgive him! But when the wife cheats, we get reactions, like the man in this video! I understand, because she can get pregnant! Nothing is more painful than a man to find out his child ain't his! And women are more emotionally attached to their cheating partners than men who are just physically attracted to their cheating partners. More-over, a woman can expose her husband's business or money secrets to her cheating partner, who can use it against him! No matter how a man rubbish his wife to his mistress, he will not expose her business secrets, because men cheat with their heads and while women cheat their hearts! It has become an epidemic in the Nigerian community in yankee, according to Mr Obudulu. 

SIGH! Listen, my fellow women, let me say the truth,  infidelity is not favourable to us! No matter the reason for doing it! Yes! The men can get away with it, but not us! Because, it's our children that suffers the brunt of it all! Especially our daughters, because they will say, a fruit does not fall far from it's tree! Our sons will find it difficult to trust any females, hence having insecurity issues! When unfaithful wives becomes mother-in-laws in future, they will always be suspicious of their daughters-in-law! Thus, causing strife in the home of their sons! Do you guys remember this old movie; True confession by Liz Benson? My advise, is communication. If all efforts fail, then divorce, than to cheat! Last week, a lady asked us for advise; She slept with her fiance for the first time and found out his private part was as small as her pinky finger! She said, she felt nothing during lovemaking. That she was thinking of calling off the engagement because she will likely cheat on him after marriage. We told her to break it off! Sex is important in marriage! Many quarrels are settled on the bed more than talking, I tell you! #winks# 

P.s; I came across segungele int'l vlog, when viewing Mr Obudulu video, and you guys won't believe this is the first time I am knowing about his vlog O! Mehn! The guy nah real tori teller! The gesticulations and mannerism is a typical characteristics of aporokoism! AHAHAHAHA. I gbadun his gist well!