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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I never planned to update this week again until 1st of March, but when I visited Jay who lives in Yankee and I heard his gist, I just knew I had to talk about it, because the ish was making my body tremble with laughter and anger! On watching the video, I saw links to more of such videos, and realized I am a complete novice and newbie to all the going-ons around me! Oh! It's nothing new o jare! It's just that, when man bites dog, it becomes news, since it's only dogs that bites men! Let me make it clear that I support nobody involved in this ish! I am simply going to play the devil's advocate once more and say, he that comes to equity, must come with clean hands! And that when some people taste the same pill they force others to swallow, they scream how bitter it is! 


Friday, February 20, 2015


Hey! My guys! This is my 100th published post! Yay! To me!
So,What will I talk about? Many topics swimming in my head! Yes! I know! Blogging! What could be more appropriate than this, right? I know some might have few questions to ask me, so I will conduct an interview with myself! #wink# Ok! here we go! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have been asked not once, not twice, not even thrice, if I don't get bored staying indoors all day? Nope! I replied...not here! But back home, sometimes I  did get bored with my company. Whenever I was in such a mood, I went to the market or hair saloon, by the time I chat for 1-2 hours, I felt better. So why don't I feel bored in yankee? It's a very simple answer; Because there is 24/7 electricity! And Netflix, is my buddy!


Honestly though, here can get lonely and boring for some adult Nigerian immigrants without families or relatives or friends, that, some throw themselves into religious activities, clubbing, studies and work just to keep busy. 'Why is it lonely or boring for immigrants? Some might be asking, right? 

Ok! Apart from the mind-your-business environment, commuting / mobility can also cause it. You see, it's not like in 9ja where there are danfo, okada, marwa keke, and  kabu-kabu that ply all the roads and streets. Here, you must google out the route, number, time of the buses or trains, and the walking distance to your destination when you get off the bus or train. By the time you consider the cost and stress of getting there, you will rather stay indoor. Likewise those with cars, do consider the total miles they will drive and the gas they will burn, and decide to just stay home. Also, some individuals 'week-ends' are on weekdays, and they will rather sleep-in, do the laundry and grocery shopping than socializing. On winter days, people just want to get to their warm homes quickly, because the day turns dark as early as 5pm, so no time for mingling.  Money also contribute to it; The idea of spending the hard-earned dollar on recreational activities is  seen as waste. And, the major reason many Nigerian immigrants keep to themselves is mistrust! Nobody wants trouble! 

Women are more at the receiving end of this loneliness and boring rope. Because, to avoid falling prey to sweet tongued men, some keep to themselves. And some of Nigerian men marry AA. Some travel back to Nigeria to pick a wife after getting their citizenship because they want a 'submissive' wife rather than the independent westernized Nigerian woman! 

How can this be remedied? I sincerely dunno! It all boils down to each individual's lifestyle and personality, because an individual can be in the midst of people and still feel lonely and bored! 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Remember, I told you guys here, about the new style of packaged moin-moin that I saw in a wedding party? Well, last weekend at a birthday party I learnt a new tip of using empty caprisun sachet as a pouch for moin-moin for home use. Simply cut the top of the empty sachet, rinse it, and pour your moin-moin mix into it. Before putting the pouches inside the pot, place the usual protective layer inside the bottom of the pot, pour your water, and arrange the pouches standing upright and balanced. Then cover the pot with foil, before placing the cover of the pot on it and cook. So, mothers, don't throw away those caprisun sachets again!