Monday, January 26, 2015


 I believe we all have read about the Nigerian 9 years old twins left alone in their apartment? All weekend, I pondered on it, asking questions I know I cannot get answers! You will be surprised that my anger is MOSTLY directed at the parents of the children, rather than the uncle! Why? Because, how can they not INSIST to speak with the children for one day, even when Atura assured them all was well? Why was there no operable phone in the apartment, to call the kids themselves, in case the uncle was at work?
The parents also had a care-free attitude! Read the comment they made; When police finally reached the parents, they said they had instructed Atura to stay at the apartment, and if he couldn't, they gave him the name of a family friend to contact.   COME ON!!! That means, there was no solid preparation for the children! Why did they not contact this family friend to also be checking on their children? Yes! Circumstances beyond their control made them to over stay in Nigeria, but did they never felt the urge to speak with their own flesh and blood for 4 whole months? Minors for that matter? I just don't get it! 


I have always said it here that, my own, your own and our own is different, and nobody can love your own child more than theirs! Which of course some disagreed with me! The uncle is a  single young guy struggling to make ends meet and not ready to shoulder the responsibility of looking after 2 children. If he was married, and have kids of his own, maybe he would have had the fatherly feelings to look after the children? Thank GOD for the safe society they lived in compared to Nigeria, that the kids were able to sleep on their beds without fear, even when lonely and yearning for the presence of their parents. And these parents never yearned to hear their voices and assurance from them that all was well? Lets be sincere, the young guy has his own life to live! 4 weeks became 4 months! He came to make money in jand and enjoy his youth! This nah my brother-mentality by Nigerians should just stop! Especially when they have crossed the seas! There is no brother or sister in obodo oyinbo! Believe me or not, no problem, until it gets to the nitty-gritty, then you will understand what I am saying!

Their initial plan was one month, so let me assume that, the uncle was given money for their upkeep for that 4 weeks, and the money finished, thus, he managed to buy noodles for them to eat from his hard-earned currency, which was the only edible thing in the whole apartment! WHAT A HEARTLESS BEING! They should call whenever they need anything? With what phone? And call an unlisted number? Please, am I missing something here? This moment, my eyes is filled with tears and admiration for these children. Their angels were surely looking after them. Wake up, get on the bus by themselves, eat breakfast and lunch in school, and this uncle who visited thrice in a week, never wondered how they commute to school, or check their homework? 

I hope this story will be a lesson to everybody! Your own family comes first! Your siblings have their own lives to live! Don't take for granted that they own you an obligation simply because you are blood related! I wonder if some men still put their own siblings as next of kin when they have wife and children? Some Nigerian men do put their own siblings needs first before their wives and children, claiming blood is thicker than water, forgetting that the children borne by their wives are also their blood! It's when it gets to push and shove, your sibling will face his own family! #fact# I was told of a story where a man told his wife when they were quarreling over in-law matter, that he will choose his brother over her if he is made to make a choice! When this brother had his own family, all his actions showed that his own family came first, which was a wake-up call for this man, and he asked his wife to forgive him, and he changed.

I sincerely hope justice will be tampered with mercy on this matter, because the parents did not make adequate preparation and provision for their kids to be well looked after.