Monday, January 12, 2015


The car radio was talking about how stolen oil is sold in black market by corrupt Nigerians, the barrels sold per day is even more than what Ghana produces for a day! They went further to analyse the deep rot in the system. I cringed, as I heard. I know it's no news in Nigeria, but until you leave the shores of our father's land, then you will know how far!

Do you know that, a Nigerian guy left a very good job because his boss did not trust him? You see, the recruiting agency employed him without his new boss knowing him. Here, resumes do not contain gender, age or nationality. He said, when his boss gave him the office password into all their data, he made this remark; 'I hope you won't go and give your fellow brothers the password?' He felt so insulted! The boss was cold towards him, no matter how hard he worked to earn his trust and respect, eventually, he had to resign, for fear of set-up! A guy who works in a bank said that, whenever they have to do a transaction with banks from Nigeria, there is a high alert risk warning attached. What of when hubby went to post the gift packages nko?, He was told that there is no 100% guarantee that the Nigeria package will arrive safely, even after filling out customs slip and declaring it's only a book! What of my own experience? mschew! I just tire for my people o jare!

My guys, I don't say where I come from now o! When people are curious about my accent. I simply say, West Africa! Shikenah! Initially, I was all Nigerian; dressing in my natives, eagerly to associate with other Nigerians, and proudly telling anybody who asks, that I am a Nigerian! My hostess, will be laughing and telling me, no be so o! But I never listened to her, until, it dawned on me that am on a long thing oo!

 When I went to a church for the first time, I was told that there was another Nigerian there, who is a prince but traveled back home to help his father fight a tribal war because enemies wanted to take over his throne! In my mind, I went, 'huh?' So, I met this prince o! Lets just say that, if he is a prince, I am a queen of my own tribe! As I shook hands with him and met his eyes, he knew I was into his game! And he left immediately. I don't like knocking out somebody's hustle, so when they were curious to know about his tribe, I played along, and didn't go to the church again! 80% of Nigerians will tell you they came in through the visa lottery, while 15% might tell you half-truths, and the remaining 5% the honest truth. This I learnt when a lady told us she came through lottery, only for a relative to innocently make a comment, that exposed the truth about her. I pretended not to hear, and played along. Like I said before, I no sabi pour san-sand inside pesin garri o!
A Nigerian family lives just 2 buildings away from mine, but we have never visited each other! We don't even know each other apartment numbers! We met by chance at the parking lot and exchanged numbers ... that reminds me ... we didn't exchange season greetings sef! We spoke like thrice, and wave at each other across the road when we meet by chance! My kids teacher introduced me to another Nigerian mother...we simply say hello when we meet, which is rare ... to exchange number nko? WHOSAI!  I went to a job seminar for immigrants organized by an NGO, a Nigerian guy was stylishly avoiding all Nigerian immigrants, when asked why? He gave an excuse of having short-attention span, we knew he was lying, but wetin concin us o! You see, what I am saying? We don't even trust each other here! The Asian community is close knitted unlike Nigerians! It's in church you will see large gathering of Nigerians, but no love is lost amongst them either! The ISH that goes in there, is tori for another day o jare!

E go beta! That is what we would always say... and I sincerely pray and hope, it gets better because ... our image is getting worst every day!