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Friday, January 09, 2015



A big thank you  to 'J' and Clara for the versatility award! E-hug.
I am asked to say 7 things about myself. Though, I have said much about myself  here and here and here , but there is still more you don't know about moi! Such as:

1}I find it difficult to swallow tablets. I will drink plenty of water EHEN!
2}I don't like tin-tomatoes in stews. I use it mostly to prepare jollof rice.

3}I like short weaveons and braids only. Long hair makes my neck itch.

4}I wear a size 13 shoe, yeah, I knowww, BIG FOOT! ahahaha.

5}I like watching documentaries, esp about animals and culture.

6} I don't know how to fuss over people, and trendy stuff, I simply do me!
7} P-square are my all time  fav musicians. I listen to them often.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.


N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Happy New Year
I posted a comment on your last post but it seemed to disappear
Hope all is well?
Stay blessed

Highly Favored said...

I LOVE watching documentaries about nature, animals and culture too!!

Okeoghene said...

Happy new year

Rhapsody said...

blessings, happy new year and congratulations.


Abiola Olaleye said...

No 1 & me be that o. During my pregnancies, I literally counted the days to the end simply because of the routine folic acid / iron tablets...arghhh

And then when I'm on now, they always remain packed up, for weeks and I don't mind carrying around the same look and style...hate the feel of hair on my neck.

Have a super-blessed week, sis.

@ilola said...

Size 13? Wow. I

Toinlicious said...

Tablet swallowing is not my thing too. Plus, i need to put pills on my tongue before drinking water

Clara said...

I love watching documentaries too, about everything.

And I'm ashamed to say this as a nurse, but I have a fear of needles (hides face!), so even though I hate tablets, I really have no choice but to take them.

Thanks for doing the tag! It was nice to get to know you a bit better.

have a great week!

New Dawn said...

Happy new year to you also 9jamum.
Maybe blogger ate it up?
Yep! All is well. And you?
Thanks sis.

New Dawn said...

Really? so interesting! My eldest daughter loves documentary also, esp in animals and planets...think it's hereditary?
Thanks Favored :)

New Dawn said...

Happy new year to you also Okeoghene.
Thank you.

New Dawn said...

Happy year to you also Rhapsody.
Thank you.

New Dawn said...

If you see the big pre-natal tablet i had to swallow in 2013 ehn? I broke them into pieces before swallowing o.
The brushing and styling of long hair tires me sef!
Thanks sistah

New Dawn said...

HA! na so I see am o...ahahaha...finding my shoe size was always a problem then, but now, it's so easy.
Thanks Lola.

New Dawn said...

same thing I do.
Thanks Toin.

New Dawn said...

Ahahaha @ fear of are not alone o.
It was a pleasure Clara :D
Thank you.

J Ausserehl said...

Big foot hehe! Im quite tall but wear 39-40 hahah
Thanks for doing this! Always fun abi?! I used to know a girl who took pills without water. Weird right?! Haha and both her folks at doctors!

New Dawn said...

Ha! Lucky you!..finding my shoe size then was a problem!
Not weird o! Hubby does same..he simply flings the pills into his throat one by one, and sometimes forget to take water, until I ask him...ahahahaha...he said he does not like to taste the bitterness of the pills on his tongue, so he has learned as a child to throw them directly into his throat!
Thank you J :D

Good Naija Girl said...

Size 13—pele, ko easy...long live Payless Shoes!

My pill swallowing strategy is "take a gulp of water, throw the pills in, and swallow". It doesn't always work though!

Keep doing you; you're a pro at it!

New Dawn said...

AHAHAHA..yes o, payless came to my rescue...I simply order online....I do try that system of swallowing, but I end up drinking the water and the tablet will be in my mouth! The trick I use is to lick soup or stew to make me thirst, then put the tablet in my mouth as I swallow the water....or if I am eating eba or iyan or wheat, I hide the pill inside a piece of the food and swallow.
Thank you Jummy.

Flo said...

I hate pills too especially those capsules found only in Naija (I think) that stick to one's tongue or throat after others have gone down. :D Thank God that where I live, most medicines also come in powder form or as liquid in tiny bottles. I quickly tell the doc to specify powder form when getting a prescription.

By not liking tin tomatoes in stews, do you mean using only tin tomatoes to make stews? I ask because a mixture of tin and fresh tomatoes in the right proportions makes the best stew. ;)

New Dawn said...

Ahahaa @ stick to one's tongue...I know.
It's the mixture I don't like...yes, my friend that uses both tells me stew taste better with tin-tomatoes in it...I still don't like it...she introduced me to tin tomatoes sauce, it is lighter in texture and already blended with spices...I tried it out last weekend, and my family complimented me... even oga oo... maybe I will stick to the sauce, because it does not have this salty-acidic taste.
Thanks Flo.

Flo said...

Ah I think I know the paste. Has a kind of sweet taste rather than the tangy tomato taste. Abeg o, if oga endorses it, stick with it o :)xxx
Yes, your friend's Naija taste buds are sound ;) ... a combo of the 2, in the right proportions, makes the best (Naija) stew.

New Dawn said...

Oh, yes, I certainly am! :D
Thanks Flo.