Friday, January 09, 2015



A big thank you  to 'J' and Clara for the versatility award! E-hug.
I am asked to say 7 things about myself. Though, I have said much about myself  here and here and here , but there is still more you don't know about moi! Such as:

1}I find it difficult to swallow tablets. I will drink plenty of water EHEN!

2}I don't like tin-tomatoes in stews. I use it mostly to prepare jollof rice.

3}I like short weaveons and braids only. Long hair makes my neck itch.

4}I wear a size 13 shoe, yeah, I knowww, BIG FOOT! ahahaha.

5}I like watching documentaries, esp about animals and culture.

6} I don't know how to fuss over people, and trendy stuff, I simply do me!

7} P-square are my all time  fav musicians. I listen to them often.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.