Friday, January 02, 2015



Happy New year everybody!
We thank GOD for the privilege to see 2015 o!

 today is my 41st birthday! 
Also, my new blog is a year old! And this is my 90th post!
All glory be unto GOD.

Thanks to everybody that visits my blog, I do appreciate it :D
Please, I have these little party souvenirs to share to celebrate my birthday and my blog's anniversary with you all.

package arrived!





Simply pick which item appeals to you most. The first commenter (s) who picks either of the items,  
I will send it to you.
This other gift is for anybody that is interested in a size 14 corporate gown, with a slim yellow belt. Simply mail me@ and I will send it to you, where ever part of the world you live.

 GOD bless.

P.S; Please, I want to inform all my readers that, I will be signing any comment/post I make in any blog with nitty now, because I have observed that, there are several 'Dawns' comments in different blogs and many might mistake them for me. Infact, that was the reason, I came out of my semi-anonymous mode, and put my picture out there again, so as to avoid mistaken identity. Please, ask me for clarification if  by chance any of you come across comments that don't sound like me. I do inject pidgin and humour in my comments and sometimes, a smiley face. Thank you very much for your understanding.

HAPPY 2015!