Monday, January 19, 2015


I have an interest in stars, but my faith preaches against astrology, thus, I had to make a choice and let it go, but, atimes, it rears it's head, like right now. In the days of yore, nations and kings use it to predict the future, hence, that was how the 3 wise men knew about JESUS. They followed the shining star to know where HE was. The shepherds saw a new star, and an Angel told them about CHRIST. And the star is used to symbolize the house of David, which is the MESSIAH'S lineage. And all Christmas trees, always have a star at the top to symbolize our saviour. 

I do not need it or use it to dictate my daily routine or how my life will turn out. I simply believe in the personalities of the 12 signs which happens to be true! I am a Capricorn; I exhibit most of the traits about them, with some traits inherited from my lineage and some I picked along the path of life. Capricorns are industrious, kind, and  loyal, but they don't forget a wrong easily and complain a lot! Even, with all these traits, the measures are not the same in each Capricorns. Some can exhibit excess or little of such traits, all depending on their upbringing, challenges and spirituality.

This is so true about me!

Personally, I won't mind reading more on astrology, but just like everything good that GOD created, the enemies have turned evil! Just as they planted tares amongst the wheat! Even the soil that we walk on is used for evil! What of the air we breathe? What of the clothes and shoes we wear? Our food nko? So what am I saying? Astrology is not the devil, but the people using it to cause harm in the lives of people are the devils! So, I ask, if someone reads it literally with an open mind for knowledge purpose or curiosity without a wicked intention, has the person sinned? Because, my faith preaches against it with these verseDeuteronomy 18:10-14, Isaiah 47:13, Micah 5:12, Daniel 2:27.

If that be the case, then none should celebrate birthdays! Which is why birthdays and Christmas celebration is looked upon by certain section of Christians as not biblical, especially, when John the Baptist was killed during King Herod's birthday, to please his step daughter and wife, whom he stole from his brother! Like, I said before, my faith comes with it's own beliefs, which I must obey, and because it teaches me that, I should avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless! {Titus 3:9} , I will flee from the temptation of pursuing this further, so I won't be found wanting. Lord have mercy on me.
Have a blessed week ahead.
Today is a national public holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King.