Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Dear J and Clara,

                           It takes a thoughtful and kind heart to do what you both did for me. I pondered, when did I come to know both of you that you show me such love?
Clara the words you wrote in the birthday card made my eyes teary, and knowing that I share the same day with your loving father, makes it the more special to me. Ediyemade, my only 'J', you truly surprised me! Words fail me to describe my excitement when I opened my mail box and saw your package. I was not patient enough to get home before tearing it open to see what was inside! If only you were able to see the big grin on my face ehen! I was like a child taken to the amusement park for the first time! A big thanks to both of you for celebrating my birthday with me from Germany. I pray that, the same measure of love you have showered on me, more shall be pressed down, shaken together, and poured over both of you in JESUS name. Amen. E-bear-hug.

Birthday cards and gift from 'J' & Clara

Hair accessories from J'

This particular piece can be used as a hair accessory or a brooch. Ediyemade is very talented. Look at all she made with ankara;