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Monday, January 26, 2015


 I believe we all have read about the Nigerian 9 years old twins left alone in their apartment? All weekend, I pondered on it, asking questions I know I cannot get answers! You will be surprised that my anger is MOSTLY directed at the parents of the children, rather than the uncle! Why? Because, how can they not INSIST to speak with the children for one day, even when Atura assured them all was well? Why was there no operable phone in the apartment, to call the kids themselves, in case the uncle was at work?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Dear J and Clara,

                           It takes a thoughtful and kind heart to do what you both did for me. I pondered, when did I come to know both of you that you show me such love?
Clara the words you wrote in the birthday card made my eyes teary, and knowing that I share the same day with your loving father, makes it the more special to me. Ediyemade, my only 'J', you truly surprised me! Words fail me to describe my excitement when I opened my mail box and saw your package. I was not patient enough to get home before tearing it open to see what was inside! If only you were able to see the big grin on my face ehen! I was like a child taken to the amusement park for the first time! A big thanks to both of you for celebrating my birthday with me from Germany. I pray that, the same measure of love you have showered on me, more shall be pressed down, shaken together, and poured over both of you in JESUS name. Amen. E-bear-hug.

Birthday cards and gift from 'J' & Clara

Hair accessories from J'

This particular piece can be used as a hair accessory or a brooch. Ediyemade is very talented. Look at all she made with ankara; 

Monday, January 19, 2015


I have an interest in stars, but my faith preaches against astrology, thus, I had to make a choice and let it go, but, atimes, it rears it's head, like right now. In the days of yore, nations and kings use it to predict the future, hence, that was how the 3 wise men knew about JESUS. They followed the shining star to know where HE was. The shepherds saw a new star, and an Angel told them about CHRIST. And the star is used to symbolize the house of David, which is the MESSIAH'S lineage. And all Christmas trees, always have a star at the top to symbolize our saviour. 

I do not need it or use it to dictate my daily routine or how my life will turn out. I simply believe in the personalities of the 12 signs which happens to be true! I am a Capricorn; I exhibit most of the traits about them, with some traits inherited from my lineage and some I picked along the path of life. Capricorns are industrious, kind, and  loyal, but they don't forget a wrong easily and complain a lot! Even, with all these traits, the measures are not the same in each Capricorns. Some can exhibit excess or little of such traits, all depending on their upbringing, challenges and spirituality.

This is so true about me!

Personally, I won't mind reading more on astrology, but just like everything good that GOD created, the enemies have turned evil! Just as they planted tares amongst the wheat! Even the soil that we walk on is used for evil! What of the air we breathe? What of the clothes and shoes we wear? Our food nko? So what am I saying? Astrology is not the devil, but the people using it to cause harm in the lives of people are the devils! So, I ask, if someone reads it literally with an open mind for knowledge purpose or curiosity without a wicked intention, has the person sinned? Because, my faith preaches against it with these verseDeuteronomy 18:10-14, Isaiah 47:13, Micah 5:12, Daniel 2:27.

If that be the case, then none should celebrate birthdays! Which is why birthdays and Christmas celebration is looked upon by certain section of Christians as not biblical, especially, when John the Baptist was killed during King Herod's birthday, to please his step daughter and wife, whom he stole from his brother! Like, I said before, my faith comes with it's own beliefs, which I must obey, and because it teaches me that, I should avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless! {Titus 3:9} , I will flee from the temptation of pursuing this further, so I won't be found wanting. Lord have mercy on me.
Have a blessed week ahead.
Today is a national public holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King.

Monday, January 12, 2015


The car radio was talking about how stolen oil is sold in black market by corrupt Nigerians, the barrels sold per day is even more than what Ghana produces for a day! They went further to analyse the deep rot in the system. I cringed, as I heard. I know it's no news in Nigeria, but until you leave the shores of our father's land, then you will know how far!

Do you know that, a Nigerian guy left a very good job because his boss did not trust him? You see, the recruiting agency employed him without his new boss knowing him. Here, resumes do not contain gender, age or nationality. He said, when his boss gave him the office password into all their data, he made this remark; 'I hope you won't go and give your fellow brothers the password?' He felt so insulted! The boss was cold towards him, no matter how hard he worked to earn his trust and respect, eventually, he had to resign, for fear of set-up! A guy who works in a bank said that, whenever they have to do a transaction with banks from Nigeria, there is a high alert risk warning attached. What of when hubby went to post the gift packages nko?, He was told that there is no 100% guarantee that the Nigeria package will arrive safely, even after filling out customs slip and declaring it's only a book! What of my own experience? mschew! I just tire for my people o jare!

My guys, I don't say where I come from now o! When people are curious about my accent. I simply say, West Africa! Shikenah! Initially, I was all Nigerian; dressing in my natives, eagerly to associate with other Nigerians, and proudly telling anybody who asks, that I am a Nigerian! My hostess, will be laughing and telling me, no be so o! But I never listened to her, until, it dawned on me that am on a long thing oo!

 When I went to a church for the first time, I was told that there was another Nigerian there, who is a prince but traveled back home to help his father fight a tribal war because enemies wanted to take over his throne! In my mind, I went, 'huh?' So, I met this prince o! Lets just say that, if he is a prince, I am a queen of my own tribe! As I shook hands with him and met his eyes, he knew I was into his game! And he left immediately. I don't like knocking out somebody's hustle, so when they were curious to know about his tribe, I played along, and didn't go to the church again! 80% of Nigerians will tell you they came in through the visa lottery, while 15% might tell you half-truths, and the remaining 5% the honest truth. This I learnt when a lady told us she came through lottery, only for a relative to innocently make a comment, that exposed the truth about her. I pretended not to hear, and played along. Like I said before, I no sabi pour san-sand inside pesin garri o!
A Nigerian family lives just 2 buildings away from mine, but we have never visited each other! We don't even know each other apartment numbers! We met by chance at the parking lot and exchanged numbers ... that reminds me ... we didn't exchange season greetings sef! We spoke like thrice, and wave at each other across the road when we meet by chance! My kids teacher introduced me to another Nigerian mother...we simply say hello when we meet, which is rare ... to exchange number nko? WHOSAI!  I went to a job seminar for immigrants organized by an NGO, a Nigerian guy was stylishly avoiding all Nigerian immigrants, when asked why? He gave an excuse of having short-attention span, we knew he was lying, but wetin concin us o! You see, what I am saying? We don't even trust each other here! The Asian community is close knitted unlike Nigerians! It's in church you will see large gathering of Nigerians, but no love is lost amongst them either! The ISH that goes in there, is tori for another day o jare!

E go beta! That is what we would always say... and I sincerely pray and hope, it gets better because ... our image is getting worst every day!

Friday, January 09, 2015



A big thank you  to 'J' and Clara for the versatility award! E-hug.
I am asked to say 7 things about myself. Though, I have said much about myself  here and here and here , but there is still more you don't know about moi! Such as:

1}I find it difficult to swallow tablets. I will drink plenty of water EHEN!

2}I don't like tin-tomatoes in stews. I use it mostly to prepare jollof rice.

3}I like short weaveons and braids only. Long hair makes my neck itch.

4}I wear a size 13 shoe, yeah, I knowww, BIG FOOT! ahahaha.

5}I like watching documentaries, esp about animals and culture.

6} I don't know how to fuss over people, and trendy stuff, I simply do me!

7} P-square are my all time  fav musicians. I listen to them often.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.

Friday, January 02, 2015



Happy New year everybody!
We thank GOD for the privilege to see 2015 o!

 today is my 41st birthday! 
Also, my new blog is a year old! And this is my 90th post!
All glory be unto GOD.

Thanks to everybody that visits my blog, I do appreciate it :D
Please, I have these little party souvenirs to share to celebrate my birthday and my blog's anniversary with you all.

package arrived!





Simply pick which item appeals to you most. The first commenter (s) who picks either of the items,  
I will send it to you.
This other gift is for anybody that is interested in a size 14 corporate gown, with a slim yellow belt. Simply mail me@ and I will send it to you, where ever part of the world you live.

 GOD bless.

P.S; Please, I want to inform all my readers that, I will be signing any comment/post I make in any blog with nitty now, because I have observed that, there are several 'Dawns' comments in different blogs and many might mistake them for me. Infact, that was the reason, I came out of my semi-anonymous mode, and put my picture out there again, so as to avoid mistaken identity. Please, ask me for clarification if  by chance any of you come across comments that don't sound like me. I do inject pidgin and humour in my comments and sometimes, a smiley face. Thank you very much for your understanding.

HAPPY 2015!