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Monday, December 01, 2014


Music is blaring through my walls as I write this. My neighbour upstairs is in a celebration mood. Apart from the music, the children can make noise ehn! Running up and down the stairs and in their apartment. I dey hear am no be small! I kept quiet because I also have children, but one morning, one of them stomped so hard on the floor that the ceiling fan wobbled, and the lights flickered. I had to confront my neighbor for the first time! Because I will be held liable for any damage in the apartment!  Infact, I have to pause as I was updating this post to confront them, when the lights in my sitting room flickered due to the ruckus they were making up there. I have the option of either reporting to the management or calling the police, but I chose dialogue, and their parents apologized ... all is calm now ... hopefully it will remain so o!

garbage site

I went  to throw away the garbage one morning and saw one of the maintenance guy cleaning the environment, and he was grumbling that he cleaned the garbage site the previous day, only for him to come the next day,and saw the same bags on the floor! Nah everywhere this problem dey fa?... remember my water and waste post in my old blog? I understood him; I mean, how many seconds will it take to throw it through the chute? There was a time, the management told residents that, children who were not tall enough to throw the garbage should not be sent. I have this theory that, some goes out very early and come back very late, so they just open their car door, and fling it out. And I have seen scavengers ... I have forgotten the name we call them in 9ja oo ... not kolele ... searching for metals to pick from inside the garbage bin into their trucks. Remember, I said in my relocation post that people do throw out a lot of household items, especially when moving out.

Violation sticker, $2,000 fine!

What about outright disobeying of the law huh? One day, a maintenance guy knocked on my door to ask if I was the one that placed a barbecue grill outside the apartment? I said no. The guy, then placed another violation sticker on the entrance door. Last week, I came out and saw two barbecue grills in front! One of them used it on weekend, close to the entrance! The wind was blowing the sparks around! Shior!  Both grills are still there as I am typing o! There are public grills for residents to use ... humans are the same all over o jare! Nah only environment different jor!

My neighbourhood is peaceful. It is only busy in the mornings and evenings when children and parents are off to and back from school and work. The afternoons are quiettt...shhh. Whenever I check the mail I might be the only one walking. But during summer, activities are more at the pool side. I find it amusing whenever I hear a knock on my door and when they see my face, they ask 'Do you know any Spanish speaking family here? I simply point opposite and upstairs. They are preachers and salespeople. Talking of salespeople, nah everywhere hustling spirit dey oo. The women have hand-knitted baby shawls and chair covers for sale. While the men are selling CDS and locally made stain remover ... like the type sold inside buses back home. I no buy o!

There are many dogs in my neighbourhood. HUMPH! There was one that looked like wolf o!  All white! And Tall! They've moved out, if not I will have showed you guys a pic, but I googled something similar. I didn't near that dog even when on leash! Pit-bulls nko? I really dunno why that kind of animal should be kept as pet! One day, the owner allowed it on the grass to poo, nah so I tanda, for where I dey oo, I refused to move an inch, even when the owner came to hold the leash, I still walked very close to the building, incase of anything, I go dive enter any apartment o! Chihuahuas are all time favourites here! I see few cats looking out of the apartment windows, one was always following me whenever, I came out, nah so I ask am if dem send am come? 'Tell dem say, you no see me at all! at all! Abeg I no fit shout o jare! ahahahaha.

E se o for reading my neighbourhood  tori!
Happy new month to y'all! :D


Abiola Olaleye said...

Happy new month to you too.

We are all the same, the world over. Na only skin color color different. People disobeying rules, throwing garbage anywhere 'convenient', sales hustlers, etc.
I don't think any cat would have the gut to follow anyone like that on this side of the world to 'fall down and die' be that o..#mfmmode

Erniesha Tibs said...

Uhhhhh....I feel your pain with the noise...I don't even bother having a dialogua, I just turn up the volume of my HT....I can't deal

Tibs Tells Tales

sykik said...

People are the same world over , na the laws and fines they keep most of us in check. Nigeria just seems worse because there's no enforcement of the law.

Na so the wall thin reach or na the noise dey deafening and violent to make your light flicker......abeg warn that your neighbour well oh, make ceiling fan no go fall on top person head.

I love dogs

Beautiful said...

lol interesting post.
Just last week I was headed to work and I dragged SM downstairs to see me off. As I wan enter motor o na so I see cat, come and see praying and casting. I send the thing back to naija straight. Hubby was just laughing at me that I never civilize at all. What has cat got to do with nigeria? He said he should have recorded me casting and binding a cat so he could upload it. I told him that he's too westernized loool.

'Lara A said...

People are the same everywhere and some oyinbos are just dirty abeg.

So na so you fear dog is well. Warn those your neigbours well oh, make ceiling no come fall one day.

Toinlicious said...

Looool @"tell them say you no see me at all". I feel you jare. All those creepy looking things

Good Naija Girl said...

I enjoyed this tour of your neighbourhood. Lol walking close to the apartment because of the dog...I get you sha: you didn't come to this country to be finished by a mere dog!

Unfortunately you will find people who disregard rules and regulations no matter where you go.

New Dawn said...

Yes o! Humans are same everywhere.
Thanks sistah.

P.s saw your comment in Sykik post, I was surprised you didn't know I was Simply mee! I am glad you know now :D # E-hug.

New Dawn said...

I also turn up my TV set when it becomes unbearable.
Thanks Tib :)

New Dawn said...

Yes, the walls are thin. Wood and slab. It was as if one of them jumped down from a bed or chair with much force. You love dogs? .

Enforcement! That is the key! This evening, one of the maintenance guy came to give me a document and asked me if I knew who placed the grills there? I said No. I lied! One belongs to my neighbor opposite and the other for my neighbour upstairs whose children disturbed me! They are the same parapo o jare! I am the only dudu for the building!

Thanks Sykik.: D

New Dawn said...

Lol @ sent back to 9ja straight! Abi o! I covered myself with the blood. Ever since I watched the charmed ones, I know say oyibo also get winchy o jare!

Thanks Beautiful. How is DS?

New Dawn said...

Ha! I fear dog o. Esp the ones I see here! Yes, some people don't bother to be clean. Whenever I watch clean house, I am always amazed!

Thanks Lara :)

New Dawn said...

Yes o! Ahahhahahaa...haba! The cat followed me from the garbage site at first, and rushed into the building when I opened the lobby entrance. I thought it belonged to my neighnour upstairs. But whenever I came out, it will be looking me with one kind eye like that jor! So I gat to ask it, if den send am come o? I please the blood of Christ over me! I have not seen the cat for many days now.

Thanks Toin :D

New Dawn said...

I am glad you enjoyed your tour Jummy :D
My dear, I was ready to do the Ninja style o! AHAHAHA.
Humans will be humans!
Thank you.

Okeoghene said...

I remember our first apartment. We were on the first floor and we were the neighbors with the jumping kids. My oldest was just 2 and over active. The guy below us never complained to us but would always go tell the complex admin.
I don't mind dogs, if I don't have to take care of them personally.

New Dawn said...

Kids will always be kids! That was why I insisted of having ground floor. My host lived upstairs, the neighnour downstairs reported to the management, they were warned several times. I learnt from that.
You too like dog? But don't want to take care of them personally? Ahahha
Thanks Okeoghene.

@ilola said...

I love reading your blog, kai! So so gist

New Dawn said...

Thanks Lola:D

sykik said...

That's how my sister in law poured atagungun mixed with water inside her neighbours cat eyes oh...she was pregnant and the cat will just sit by the window sill every morning dey wait for her...she bind..she cast...odeshi...the cat no grew stop....she just do Naija style ...pour hot chilli water inside the cat eye and blinded the cat one time....she got sued to court sha......she moved houses sharply, she was sure the cat was possessed and ant from Naija to monitor her pregnancy...hehehehe ....court no believe in African Magic oh...she had to pay hospital bill for cat...

New Dawn said...

AHAHAHAHA, like seriously Sykik! Wetin concern oyinbo with juju? Even 9ja courts do not recognize jazz..ahahha. And I was pregger sef when this cat was following me up and down o. I covered myself with the blood of JESUS o! Thanks for sharing sistah.

J Ausserehl said...

My mil has two dogs and a cat. One time we visited her for lunch and while serving us drinks she offered ice cubes in this really cute plate and as a lover of all things ice, I chewed everything down and saw the bottom of my ice plate....yup, she accidentally served us with her pets' plate! I swear I passed out mentally. 19 out of 20 ppl u meet on the streets own pets and it drives me mad walking thru parks and side walks. iI don't hate dogs, I just don't want them around me.

New Dawn said...

OI my! Ahahaha...sorry couldn't help laughing as I imagine the expression on your faces...I don't like cats, esp their odour. Thanks J

J Ausserehl said...'s very ok. By the way, i nominated you for the versatile blog award in my new post!!
Happy new year !!

New Dawn said...

Thank you very much 'J' :D

La Deutsche Diva said...


Happy new year! I was referred to this from @ediyemade's blog. I found this quite funny! This is definitely real life. I'm glad you chose to talk to them. I had a similar situation. Although I am childless my niece came to visit for thanksgiving and well. 3 year olds will run amok. Anyway they chose to go to management instead of talk to me so imagine my anger when I saw the notice on my door. I never had any noise come from my home except that week they were visiting and instead of putting two and two together and saying must be visitors and come
Talk to me they went to management. I went downstairs to apologize and ask for their patience til the end of the week because there would surely be more noise until they went back to New York. Needless to say I had my niece sister daughter (foreign exchange) in two during this apology and he felt like an ass for not realizing there had never been noise before and he should have come to me. The kicker? He had like three rambunctious boys I. The house acting up while I was apologizing.

Sorry for that long winded story. All of that to say I'm glad you spoke to them first. It's better to just do that way.


La Deutsche Diva

New Dawn said...

Welcome Diva and thank you for taking the time out to air out your thought..Please, don't apologize, I do enjoy any length of comment.

I believe in dialogue, hence, I approached them, and like your situation, I found out it was their holiday guests that was making such raucous, and stomped so hard on the floor! After, they left, the noise became minimal and manageable. It's good to know you and your neighbour came to a compromise :)