Monday, December 01, 2014


Music is blaring through my walls as I write this. My neighbour upstairs is in a celebration mood. Apart from the music, the children can make noise ehn! Running up and down the stairs and in their apartment. I dey hear am no be small! I kept quiet because I also have children, but one morning, one of them stomped so hard on the floor that the ceiling fan wobbled, and the lights flickered. I had to confront my neighbor for the first time! Because I will be held liable for any damage in the apartment!  Infact, I have to pause as I was updating this post to confront them, when the lights in my sitting room flickered due to the ruckus they were making up there. I have the option of either reporting to the management or calling the police, but I chose dialogue, and their parents apologized ... all is calm now ... hopefully it will remain so o!

garbage site

I went  to throw away the garbage one morning and saw one of the maintenance guy cleaning the environment, and he was grumbling that he cleaned the garbage site the previous day, only for him to come the next day,and saw the same bags on the floor! Nah everywhere this problem dey fa?... remember my water and waste post in my old blog? I understood him; I mean, how many seconds will it take to throw it through the chute? There was a time, the management told residents that, children who were not tall enough to throw the garbage should not be sent. I have this theory that, some goes out very early and come back very late, so they just open their car door, and fling it out. And I have seen scavengers ... I have forgotten the name we call them in 9ja oo ... not kolele ... searching for metals to pick from inside the garbage bin into their trucks. Remember, I said in my relocation post that people do throw out a lot of household items, especially when moving out.

Violation sticker, $2,000 fine!

What about outright disobeying of the law huh? One day, a maintenance guy knocked on my door to ask if I was the one that placed a barbecue grill outside the apartment? I said no. The guy, then placed another violation sticker on the entrance door. Last week, I came out and saw two barbecue grills in front! One of them used it on weekend, close to the entrance! The wind was blowing the sparks around! Shior!  Both grills are still there as I am typing o! There are public grills for residents to use ... humans are the same all over o jare! Nah only environment different jor!

My neighbourhood is peaceful. It is only busy in the mornings and evenings when children and parents are off to and back from school and work. The afternoons are quiettt...shhh. Whenever I check the mail I might be the only one walking. But during summer, activities are more at the pool side. I find it amusing whenever I hear a knock on my door and when they see my face, they ask 'Do you know any Spanish speaking family here? I simply point opposite and upstairs. They are preachers and salespeople. Talking of salespeople, nah everywhere hustling spirit dey oo. The women have hand-knitted baby shawls and chair covers for sale. While the men are selling CDS and locally made stain remover ... like the type sold inside buses back home. I no buy o!

There are many dogs in my neighbourhood. HUMPH! There was one that looked like wolf o!  All white! And Tall! They've moved out, if not I will have showed you guys a pic, but I googled something similar. I didn't near that dog even when on leash! Pit-bulls nko? I really dunno why that kind of animal should be kept as pet! One day, the owner allowed it on the grass to poo, nah so I tanda, for where I dey oo, I refused to move an inch, even when the owner came to hold the leash, I still walked very close to the building, incase of anything, I go dive enter any apartment o! Chihuahuas are all time favourites here! I see few cats looking out of the apartment windows, one was always following me whenever, I came out, nah so I ask am if dem send am come? 'Tell dem say, you no see me at all! at all! Abeg I no fit shout o jare! ahahahaha.

E se o for reading my neighbourhood  tori!
Happy new month to y'all! :D