Friday, December 12, 2014


 A friend told us she sent her mother back to their country for treatment yesterday. Her mum stays with her, helping to look after her child, but has no medical insurance.
Paying from her pocket will increase her credit debt or leave a big dent in her savings. She decided to spend part of the money she will be billed here to purchase a ticket for her to travel and get treated at one of the best hospitals in her country. HUMPH! My people, this is to tell you that, medical ain't cheap in yankee O! 

When in Nigeria, the impression I got from diasporas was that medical was free, and cheap. I believed because, Nigerians often travel abroad to seek for medical attention and nobody ever talked about the challenges they encountered. On my arrival, I learnt that it was not so in yankee!  I was surprised to find out that some drugs cannot  be bought over the counter like anti-biotics and blood/iron capsules, without doctor's prescription. Hence, people rob pharmacies! But medications for common ailments like cold, flu, headache, stomach upset, allergies, and cough can be seen on the shelves. The first month of my arrival, I heard, how a man walked into a 24/hour pharmacy one early morning, and shot down the people there, and stole some drugs! Recently, a man robbed a store of $1:00, so he will be arrested, and be entitled to medical insurance in the prison and be treated for his ailments!
The doctors abroad, are well experienced and equipped to carry out their jobs professionally! But this comes at a price! Medical insurance helps to ease the burden, but sometimes, it does not cover all procedures! The patient might end up paying part of the medical cost! That is why, you must understand the type of medical insurance you are buying, and verify from them before embarking on any major procedure, or else, you might end up paying from your pocket! And if you refuse to pay, your name will be taking to debt collectors! Immigrants and citizens without medical insurance pays with cash or cards.

The reasons some don't have medical insurance are; They don't have papers, or it will reduce their income drastically when deductions are made monthly, and since insurance is renewed yearly, if they have no need to visit the doctor for a whole year, it's sweet bye-bye to the money! And if you resign from the job that deductions are made monthly from, kiss your money farewell! Hence, some decide to pay as when needed. You can still go to ER, in case of emergency, even without insurance, you simply tell them the mode of payment; Debit, credit, or cash. A guy used his insurance to get himself treated, just a day after resigning from his job, the insurance company wrote to him that they were not liable! He was surprised! He paid it from his pocket. Another lady, got approval from her insurance to go ahead with a major treatment. Months later, they wrote to her, saying, she will pay part of it. It became a court case. They won, so she is expected to pay thousands of dollars installmently for many years!

Medicard is the government insurance for children from 0-17years, senior citizens from 60 years old, pregnant women and prisoners. Thus, obamacare is a welcome relief to many, because the onus now falls on employers also to provide medical insurance for their employees and one's income will determine how much to pay monthly for medical insurance, no longer a flat rate set by different insurance firms. So my people, that is how it rolls in yankee o! Hence, I doff my 'gele' for Nigerians who come here often to seek for medical help. Excluding our politrikians sha!

Happy weekend to everyone and compliments of the season in advance. 


  1. America is too fast paced abeg.

  2. Most people who rob pharmacies do so for controlled substances. I was surprised about the medical situation for the uninsured too. For states who signed up for Obamacare, it's been very helpful for a lot of people.

  3. This is another "true talk" for those who think that everything is free in Yankee—great work, New Dawn. In Canada we have "free healthcare" and it is good, though it does not cover medication nor does it include dental coverage (unless you are under age 17, your family's income is at a certain level, and you don't have any form of medical insurance that covers dental work). An employer that offers a generous medical insurance package is gold!

    From the little I know of it, Obamacare is definitely a step in the right direction.

  4. Hmm, Na wa o. As usual, thanks for the education

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  6. I used to think the way most americans do...give a certain percentage away from the little i earn when i may not need medical assistance? But u just need to look at the bigger picture. Here, u get a load of help when u really need it. I needed to take this really costly drugs but insurance paid like 80% and that for me strengthened my belief in the system. I hear Obama wanted(or did) to introduce the same system but the americanahs no gree