Friday, December 19, 2014


Schools are vacating today! Ye-haw!

Ha! Welcome, blissful sleep until January 5th 2015!

Yes o!

It's 2:01 a.m, and here I am blogging, while my son dances to music from Tv.

When my older kids vacate today, they will be playing with him, since, they can sleep whenever they like on holidays, while I sleep on the settee, until he falls asleep.

Holiday comes with constant shouting from me ... since,they cannot play outside, they have to find an outlet for their boundless energy... the boys will wrestle and
bounce on the beds, and kick ball to each other... While the gals will play hide and seek, or tag. The little one will not be left out o, he will be running along with them, shouting with excitement. I will re-arrange the furniture to create more space.

Then we would play games like monopoly, scrabble ... do some drawings and colouring ... Nope! We don't do lesson during these short holidays, only summer.
By 2pm, they will use their tablets for a while .... I will have peace ... later, we would watch a movie together... back to their tablets ... then tv ... until we fall asleep.

We would be celebrating my 4th child's birthday on Sunday, he will be 7, then 2 days after Christmas my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD! ... yawning so bad.

Kai! No sign of sleep on his face o! I pray his routine changes when he becomes 1.

#Proof! This is the most in-coherent random post ever!

Pardon me my friends, I am writing through sleepy eyes ... wish y'all a merry Christmas and happy holidays...yawns.